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Event Planning Ideas to Avoid Mayhem

Event Planning Ideas to Avoid Mayhem

Organizing and executing an event takes lots of detailed planning. It doesn’t matter if it is a conference, seminar, new product launch or customer appreciation day; your event’s success is in executing the details. In order to avoid mayhem, check out our favorite event planning ideas and tips to help make your event memorable. 

Event Planning Ideas to Avoid Mayhem

Get People to Attend

How are you going to transform your event to address the needs of attendees? You need to understand the factors that play a role in the effectiveness and attendee engagement. In addition, you need to address the challenges those factors play in transforming  the way your event is executed.

It should be no surprise that certain tools will help you improve attendee numbers, their experience at the event and keep you top-of-mind well after the conference is long over. Uncover 8 ways to use technology to promote your event before, during and after.

Book Speakers who “Talk the Talk”

Are your event speakers vested in the success of your event? If not, get six innovative ways to creating a win-win environment with your event presenters.

You’ve booked a speaker but discover they aren’t as polished as you thought and nerves are setting in. Why not offer them our countdown to delivering a great presentation  to help calm their nerves before their PowerPoint presentation at your event.

Engage Your Audience

It shouldn’t be surprising that event participants that are engaged show up earlier, explore further and interact more with others than those not engaged. From a supplier’s perspective, this is an ideal prospect. Discover 5 engagement technologies every event needs and what event planners need to use them successfully.

Telling your event’s story through multiple channels is critical for getting attendees to register for your event. Building up the reasons why and then, capturing great moments that can be archived and told again is key to your event’s success. Explore the 7 effective ways to get attendees revved up about your event.

Mix Up Presentation Styles

Business professionals know that PowerPoint is THE presentation program but are there others that might be better or worth exploring just for a change? Why not consider these alternatives to PowerPoint just to mix it up?

Incorporate Tech Tools for Events

As an event planner, are you still not sure of the benefits of tech tools at your event? Discover 6 event technology tools that you need to consider and their advantages for your attendees.

Add “Must Have” Technology Rentals

HTC Vive Pro

HTC announced the Vive Pro, its latest virtual reality headset. Learn how this new VR headset is different from the original Vive and discover the features we love about the Vive Pro headset for events.

Oculus Go Rental

Have you been interested in adding an immersive experience to your event but didn’t want event participants to be tied to a gaming laptop or PC? There is a new product available to rent– Oculus Go, the first portable, all-in-one VR headset. Now, event participants can immersive themselves in VR games, social apps, 360 experiences and more.

Avoid Mayhem at Events with Hartford Technology Rental

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