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Event Planners: Ready for Your Event Check-Up?

Event Planners: Ready for Your Event Check-Up?

We all schedule personal check-ups as part of our routine: a physical with the doctor every two years, the dentist every six months. If you have children, pediatrician or orthodontist appointments are scheduled on a regular basis.

But, have you ever scheduled an event check-up? A total assessment, by you and your stakeholders, to see where you on the health scale? If your event is losing attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors, now is the time to assess what changes are required to make your meeting more relevant.

eTouches, an event management software company, recently surveyed 239 international event planners to determine what their greatest pain points were before, during and after an event. Below is a synopsis of their results and my recommendations to make your events as healthy as possible in the coming year.

Steps to Consider Before Your Event

Pain Point: 56% of event planners stated a common struggle is targeting the right people with the right event content.

Solution: Spend this time to really identify who you are trying to target for your event. Ask what they want to learn by providing an online community for crowdsourcing. In addition, if you have gathered feedback through past surveys, now is the time to go through them and construct a plan for change. Lastly, spend time identifying a good mobile feedback app for future meetings. For those attendees without smartphones, implement iPad kiosk rentals throughout the conference facility to assess whether the content was what they were looking for.

Pain Point: 50% of planners say that managing attendee registration is one of their top pain points.

Solution: It is important to automate the registration process and make it quick, easy and secure. While there are many registration solutions available to you, some of the more common ones include Eventbrite, Cvent, and eTouches.

Pain Point: 20% use technology to source the right venue and destination for their event.

Solution: Use vendor sourcing tools (i.e. Cvent, Zentila) to learn as much about the venue before leaving your desk. Ask colleagues for recommendations via LinkedIn groups, do a Google search, check in with the CVB and visit each venues’ website. Bottom line: Make technology work for you, not the other way around.

Factors to Consider At the Event

Pain Point: 47% of respondents are not taking advantage of mobile apps due to price and time to create their own app.

Solution: In 2017 and beyond, many apps are affordable and do not require extensive customization or build-outs. During this slow period, set up a learning lounge full of iPad and tablet rentals, preloaded with the type of apps that make sense for your event. Have your staff and stakeholders try them out and choose the right apps for your next event.

Pain Point: 44% said effective communication with attendees is a problem.

Solution: This can be handled many ways – through a mobile app, social media or a texting app. Alerts and updates can be sent out as they occur. In addition, you can display urgent information from digital signage such as video wall rentals or cell phone charging kiosk rental.

Pain Point: 42% said current registration and check-in processes were challenging.

Solution: A good registration solution should also serve as a check-in solution. Most good registration systems allow for self-service during off hours or high volume times. This solution should also allow you to print name badges and validate who has checked-in on a real-time basis.

Action to Take After Your Event

Pain Point: 35% of event planners stated they are measuring ROI.

Solution: Make sure you are measuring the right things after the meeting, event or trade show. How many appointments did you get? How many sales did you receive? Ultimately, you hold a meeting to improve sales.

A good registration solution also allows you to export all the contact information into a CRM system. Don’t have a CRM solution? Now is the time to invest in one so you know how many calls and emails it takes to close business. While there are many, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Zoho are some of the most popular solutions.

Event Check-Up – Next Steps

It is important to take a few hours, once or twice a year, to diagnose your meeting pain points and come up with proper solutions. Since technology is changing at lightning speed, an evaluation of your current solutions is always in order every time you complete a check-up.

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