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Establish Your Own Compliance Standards for Meetings

Establish Your Own Compliance Standards for Meetings

Compliance standards are usually reserved for pharmaceutical, governmental or international meetings. However, I would argue that all meetings should follow their own compliancy process.

Why bother to establish compliance standards for meetings and events?
Below are three areas to focus on when establishing your own compliance standards and the reasons why it’s a good idea. By creating and following these best practices, planners earn a reputation of excellence with everyone involved–vendors, stakeholders and most important-meeting participants.

3 Areas for Compliance Standards

Third Party Outsourcing
As you already know, there are many event rental companies tied to your meeting from the venue to the technology, and everything in between. It is important to have a process in place for selecting each supplier. One you can justify if asked by management or governmental agencies. Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Did you send the RFP to at least three providers?
  2. Did you select the low-cost provider?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. What is the supplier’s value proposition?

As a seasoned meeting professional, I know the lowest cost vendor is not always the best one. However, I also know whenever I select a vendor that is significantly higher, I need to justify that cost. Be prepared to do so with every supplier.

Physical and data security should be of high concern to you no matter where you travel.

With regards to physical security:

  1. Travelling internationally? The first place to look is the U.S. Department of State’s website about international travel considerations.
  2. With domestic and international meetings, answer the following: Can attendees safely travel to the destination, hotel and conference center no matter the time of day? Since more and more business travelers are women, this needs to be one of your parameters when selecting a site.
  3. Can you protect the company assets? One of the reasons for renting technology locally is the concern that your equipment may be stolen or lost in transit. If you must travel with company assets, make certain your insurance coverage is up-to-date and covers you no matter what city you are in.
  4. Should security be at the event the whole time? Some attendees may be thrilled to see security detail and others may be put off with their presence. Work with your local venue to determine which option is best.

In the information technology world, with all the hub-bub about fee versus free Wi-Fi and radio signal jamming of MiFi units, it can leave you confused and concerned about what to tell your attendees. Here are three guidelines to follow for data security:

  1. If traveling internationally, determine the country’s data security guidelines and then work with the conference center and hotel to see they enforce them.
  2. Regardless of your destination, set up data security procedures of your own and communicate those procedures several times to attendees and exhibitors. Most data security experts recommended that email correspondence and banking transactions be kept to a minimum. It is strongly suggested to not open apps with sensitive information at all while attending a conference.
  3. See if the venue can provide you with dedicated, password protected bandwidth. If not, you may wish to look into other wireless Internet options.

Regardless of the destination, but especially in emerging markets, you may be asked by your management and/or your board for the following items:

  1. A full agenda detailing presenters, including detailed bios
  2. The attendee and exhibitor list
  3. Per-attendee spending and
  4. Your event’s detailed budget, including your actual YTD spend

When you establish transparency practices, you are setting a standard that you are an above board organization and willing to provide these details on a moment’s notice.

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