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Emotions App Measures How Attendees Feel? Interesting!

Emotions App Measures How Attendees Feel? Interesting!

There are many things event planners measure – but I dare say – feelings aren’t one of them. They measure how satisfied attendees were with the speaker, content and venue on a scale of 1 to 10. They follow Twitter feeds on a real-time basis and they pay attention to face-to-face complaints and questions.

But what if they could measure if attendees were happy, bored or tired? Wouldn’t that be as valuable, if not more so, than standard meeting measurements?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to wait any longer…the future has arrived.

Emotions Analytics App for Conferences

Moodies Emotions Analytics is a free app that runs on an iPhone rental or iPad rental. Once installed, it measures an attendee’s mood by how they express themselves in 20 second snippet. They just press a button and talk.

Moodies analyzes and presents the current emotional state of the user on a real time basis. This app listens to vocal intonations to understand the user’s emotions.

The attendee can also share their analysis with social channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Feelings App in Use

At Insight Innovation Exchange (IIex) the 600+ attendees were invited to download the Moodies app and to use the 20-second snippets to share how they felt about the speakers, space and sessions. In addition, they could critique anything about the conference including the food.

Moodies received over 1,500 snippets and were able to garner the following feelings metrics from attendees:

  • Attendees felt more fatigued and anxious in the morning
  • Aggressive and confrontational just before lunch and
  • Creative and enthusiastic in the afternoon.

The aggregate results were displayed on a video wall rental unit for all to see – thus allowing speakers, sponsors and organizers to see the real-time results of their stakeholders’ moods and potentially change their approach and content delivery just as quickly.

Look for further developments on this tool in 2015 as the app company, Beyond Verbal, looks to make significant improvements in their analytics model.

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