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Don’t Despair! Get Technology Rentals for Tax Season

Don’t Despair! Get Technology Rentals for Tax Season

Find a Fast, Reliable Partner

If you are part of an accounting firm or bookkeeping office, you are probably ramping up with more staff that will need essential technology to do their job right.

Whether you need to rent a laptop or several hundred computers between now and mid-April, finding the right rental partner can make all the difference in the world.

Here is a way to take a closer look at your potential partners and choose the one that can meet the criteria listed below.

You Have the Right Technology Partner When…

…Your sense of urgency, is their sense of urgency.

You want a technology provider that will answer your emails and take calls 24/7, whether it is for ordering more equipment at the last minute or answering a question about the technology. Knowing that you can place an order for more equipment at off-hours, should give you peace of mind you have a partner that understands the deadlines and pressures associated with tax season.

…They have all you need.

Partner with an organization that offers computer, printer, copier and shredder rentals. Understand their breadth and depth of product offerings. Determine if there are experienced technology representatives available to help order the right equipment for your office needs.

…Their service and maintenance record is stellar.

You want to rent equipment that is well-maintained – so ask about their maintenance procedures. In addition, if your equipment ceases to work, find out how long it will take them to swap out the equipment and if they will swap out with the same type of device as originally rented. Again, you need an organization that understands where you are coming from and can provide replacement equipment quickly.

…. They have been in business for a long period of time.

It is important to partner with a rental company that is well established and has account representatives and technicians with a lot of tenure in the organization or industry. There is no substitute for longevity and experience.

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Tax Season Provider

We carry large inventory of laptops, printers, shredder and scanner rentals and have what you need this tax season! All of our equipment is professionally maintained and we have the experienced staff to keep you covered until April 15 and beyond!

Hartford Technology Rental was founded in 1991. We’ve surrounded ourselves with a team of extraordinary people who provide first class technology rental products and service second to none.

Give Hartford Technology Rental a call today at 888.520.5667 to learn more about all our technology product offerings.