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Don’t Be Foolish and Miss These Tech Trends

Don’t Be Foolish and Miss These Tech Trends

With April 1st happening this Sunday, it’s an excellent time to remind business professionals and event planners to not get fooled by missing the latest trends and technology products. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tech movements and products that can help you stay ahead of your competition (and no, we aren’t tricking you).

Technology Trends to Follow

Transform Event Execution

How are you going to transform your event to address the needs of attendees? First, you need to understand the factors that play a role in the effectiveness and attendee engagement. You also need to address the challenges those factors play in transforming the way your event is executed.

User Conferences Making a Comeback

Thirty years ago, user conferences were popular and fell out of favor during the 2000’s til now. Why the sudden change? It seems these types of events offer outstanding education and training; ability to showcase new products and services; and networking opportunities to participants.  Find out how to put together an effective user conference.

Esports phenomena

The entire  Esports industry is expected to grow with worldwide revenues projected to reach $1.07 billion in 2019 (source: Statista). You don’t want to miss this hot trend! And, hosting an Gaming event doesn’t have to be complicated; follow our checklist on what you need to do to host an Esports event.

Virtual Reality Isn’t Just for Gaming

Even though everyone thinks VR is strictly for entertainment, it can be an effective tool in the business environment. Using virtual reality can help businesses develop new products, educate their clients and answer real-world challenges. Uncover the reasons why VR is a great business tool.

No Joke – Innovative Products to Consider

iMac Pro for Entertainment Pros

Apple introduced the completely re-invented all-in-one computer in December 2017. The iMacPro combines iMac design with MacPro power. It features state-of-the art graphics, processors, storage and memory. This Apple computer is ideal for intensive computing tasks like VR development, machine learning, scientific modeling, post-production for 8K video and rendering. Interested? Learn about iMac Pro rental.

Laser Projectors for Conferences & Events

Looking for projector that will maintain its color integrity all day? A laser phosphor projector is what you need! These bright, color-accurate projectors are an ideal choice. We offer 4K projector for small conference rooms. Plus, we stock 12K projectors, perfect for a convention center. Discover why laser projector rentals are the standard in projector technology.

Hartford Technology Rental Will Make Sure You Don’t Get Fooled

With distribution centers in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, Hartford Technology Rental can help you stay on top of the latest trends and technology rentals for your business. Don’t delay – call 888.520-5667 to learn about our competitive rates and 24/7 technical support. You won’t be a fool when you partner with us!