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Do Exhibitions Really Mean Business? They Do!

Do Exhibitions Really Mean Business? They Do!

On April 16th, I wrote a blog post titled “What North American Meeting Industry Day Means To Me” to celebrate and proclaim how face-to-face meetings mean business to everyone from a sales professional to a conference attendee.

However, that post did not really touch upon the trade show industry. Today, I will share with you information about Exhibitions Mean Business, a campaign that represents the collective voice of the exhibition and events industry, which include:

  • Associations
  • Meeting Venues
  • Convention Centers
  • Convention and Visitor Bureaus and
  • Destination Marketing Organizations

The goal of Exhibitions Mean Business is to be the central gathering point for trade show success stories and amplify those stories via digital methods. In addition, their intent is to keep policymakers, business professionals and educators aware of the value trade shows bring to business growth and economic development.

Trade Shows: What Do They Mean For Business?

Trade shows provide the following benefits:

  • Generate revenue for local businesses including restaurants, attractions, hotels and transportation providers;
  • Create employment opportunities including, registration attendants, security personnel and technology rental suppliers and
  • Drive real connections and sales through face-to-face interaction which hopefully leads to better business relationships.

Won’t Virtual Trade Shows Replace Real Ones?

While technology is great and a virtual meeting may make sense via Skype or Hangout for one-on-one interaction, virtual trade shows have been tried and quite frankly, they have failed. Why? Because there is no way to build trust and show attendees what your organization is all about. Personal interaction matters specially with high-ticket items or complicated services. Plus interaction between the exhibitor and attendee can lead to a long-lasting relationship that typically cannot be built over the phone or via a video chat.

What Can Planners Do?

  • Let Exhibitions Mean Business know about your upcoming events. They will mark it on their media calendar for all website visitors to see.
  • If you need help with your PR campaign, take advantage of the free publicity that the media team of Exhibitions Mean Business offers. They can help with topics to address as part of your pre-event publicity package.
  • While at your trade show, capture photos and videos from your tablet rentals and post them on your event’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Immediately following your trade show, share your story on the Get Involved page.
  • Follow, comment and share information on Exhibitions Mean Business Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social channels all year long!

Hartford Technology Rental Is Your Trade Show Partner

Hartford Technology Rental can provide you with technology for exhibit rentals. We have local offices and 36 affiliates across the country to serve you.

Before your next trade show, call us at 888-520-5667 or contact us online and let us show you how we can make your next exhibition stand out from the rest and well within your budget guidelines.