How To Delete An App On An iPad

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 06/17/2013 - 15:52
How To Delete An App On An iPad

Did you go a little “app crazy” when you first got your iPad? Don’t worry, we all did. Luckily, deleting those apps you know you’ll never use is easier than you think! Not only that, but deleting the apps that you won’t use will also give your iPad more storage space.

  1. Once you have decided which app you want to delete, tap and hold the app icon until all of the icons start moving
  2. Then, once the apps have all started moving, there should be an “x” with a circle around it in the upper left corner of each app icon. Tap the “x.”
  3. After you’ve tapped the “x,” a blue box should pop up in the middle of your screen that gives you the options to “Delete” or “Cancel.” Press “Delete.”
  4. The app, its icon, and all of its data will then be removed. Press the “home” button on your iPad to return the home screen back to normal and stop the icons from moving.