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Creating a Win-Win Environment with Event Presenters

Creating a Win-Win Environment with Event Presenters

As a meeting planner, I used to experience the following far too often – my speaker flew into the room with minutes to spare, completed their presentation and left right after the applause, stopping only long enough to get that big check from my organization. Sound familiar?

But wouldn’t it be great if each speaker had more skin in the game? They were as vested in your event success as you are?

With minor tweaks and a little selling, you can make this happen. Here are six ways to set up your expectations early and reinforce them often before and during the conference.

Win-Win Strategies with Presenters

Very Knowledgeable About Your Company, Products and Services

Win for them: The more they know about your organization, the more comfortable they will be addressing the audience.

Win for you: The presenter can naturally bring into the conversation products or people you want them to highlight. You will end up getting a customized pitch attendees have been asking for.

Present at Least Three Times

Win for them: If they are the keynote and breakout speaker, they can connect on a large and small scale with participants. By signing them up to come back to your company to speak in front of other employees, they have three distinct opportunities to maximize their exposure.

Win for you: If you are paying top dollar for the presenter, this is your opportunity to get three presentations for the price of one.

Write a Blog, Record a Podcast and Push on Social

Win for them: They can provide insight into their persona and topic, and share the blog and podcast on their social channels.

Win for you: If you have thirty speakers, you now have content for months leading up to your conference without having to free up internal resources to write or produce it. Plus, you gain exposure to a broader audience through their social pushes.  

Sign and Sell Books

Win for them: Your presenters are always looking for new ways to sell their books. By giving them several hours after each presentation to do so, they can make additional money and potentially connect one-on-one for other speaking gigs.

Win for you: You can either ask for a percentage of their book proceeds or a deeper discount on their speaking fee.

Display Their Brand Promise

Win for them: Attendees may forget part of a presenter’s message, but they won’t forget a visually stimulating short message on large monitor rentals. This visual can include their photo, Twitter handle and event hashtag.

Win for you: Understanding each speaker’s brand message, will help solidify who they are and attract specific attendees to each breakout sessions.

Give New or Local Speakers a Try

 Win for them: Fresh presenters are anxious to get the word out about their book and/or topic. Local presenters may want to use your event to break out into regional or national events.

Win for you: While it might seem risky to try untapped talent, the truth of the matter is new presenters with a fresh prospective may be exactly what your event needs. You should be able to negotiate a deeply discounted contract, thus providing extra cushion into your budget for last-minute needs.

Hartford Technology Group is Your Winning Event Partner

Before your next meeting or convention, call us at 888-520-5667 or learn more about the event rentals we offer. We can make your presenters shine and your stage stand out. The best part – it will all be well within your budget guidelines.