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Corporate Holiday Party Planning Tips

Corporate Holiday Party Planning Tips

If you’re planning a corporate holiday party, it’s important to put it together little by little, with all of the details. 

It is getting close to that time of the year that you and your co-workers will get to unwind and celebrate the season. It will also suggest that it is time to turn the page on this year and to look forward to the New Year. 

When you are in the midst of event planning, here are some corporate holiday party planning tips that’ll serve you well and help make your event fun! 

1. Hire an Event Planner

The biggest thing you can do is hire an event planner that is easy to work with, and the earlier in the planning process you get them involved, the better. They’ll organize and assist you with all the details like booking the perfect venue, coming up with a theme, getting the right decorations and more. They help you achieve the kind of holiday party you are trying to create, and more importantly, make your job a lot easier. 

There are a different fee options used by event planners so determine which one is best for you and your organization before contracting their services. 

2. Create a Festive Vibe

Your corporate holiday party should be fun and festive. Make sure that you’re not making it about work. 

You see each other 40 hours per week and interact during the workday, so leave work in the office and make the event all about fun. Be sure that the mood is set and that you choose a venue that is great for parties. Why not rent a projector and feature a year in review that showcases photos and videos about the company and employees? It’s easy and festive!

3. Get it Catered

Putting together a holiday party a lot of work so, make sure that you put some thought and energy into making it one to remember. 

Hire professional caterers to ensure that you are getting tasty food, desserts, and beverages that work with your party’s theme (if you have one). Be sure that the caterer is also professional and helpful so that your employees are made to feel special. 

Depending upon what you are looking for, shop around for professional catering services since rates may vary and you will want to stay within your event budget.

4. Have Quality Entertainment

If you want your party to be high energy and fun, take the time to choose great entertainment. This means partnering with a talented DJ, band, or comedian. Look into different portfolios and samples, and choose an entertainer well in advance to make sure that you get them before their calendar fills up. 

You can also consider setting up a gaming area and rent vr that can keep everyone happy and entertained. Or set up a holiday photo area with a festive backdrop, lights and plenty of props that employees can post to the company’s social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

5. Give Away Gifts

Whether you want to reward people for performance or just give them a gift to make them feel appreciated, your holiday party can be the perfect time to share the feeling of the season.

You can choose anything from a good book that your employees would appreciate, to a small tech item, even gift cards. There are lots of clever (and inexpensive) ways to make your employees feel appreciated.  

Holiday Party Planning Tips from Hartford Technology Rental

These corporate holiday party planning tips should be helpful to you when you’re trying to get all your employees together for a night of fun. Since it’s a great way to celebrate, take the time to make your holiday party one to remember. 

If you need any sort of technology rental for your party, we are happy to help you out. Take the time to contact us online or call us at 888-520-5667.