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Common Sense Benefits of Cloud Computing

Common Sense Benefits of Cloud Computing

Whether you are comfortable with it or not, cloud computing is your data path to the future. In fact, most experts agree that “the cloud” is going to continue to grow more than any other IT segment. Take a gander at these two statistics:

  • According to InformationWeek, spending on cloud services are estimated to be greater than $180 billion in 2015 alone and
  • ZDNet estimates that cloud workloads will grow 35% per year from 2012 to 2017.

But if you are still grappling with the why in all of this, let me lay it out for you with the benefits of cloud computing listed below.

5 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Business Readiness
    If disaster strikes in your business or city, you want to continue to keep your business running even if it is from a new location. Having web based apps and your critical files on the cloud allow you to do just that.

  • Cost Savings
    As your company servers approach their end of life, moving your files and applications to the cloud will save capital costs as well as free up your IT staff time from decommissioning old servers and commissioning new ones.

    This approach also frees up your budget to use state-of-the-art technology (such as iPad rentals) for training, events and trade shows.

  • Scalability
    A typical question asked of a CIO is, “What are your storage needs for the next 3-5 years?” The truthful answer is, “I don’t know!” How can they with technology and apps changing faster than we can adapt to them?

    For this reason alone, it makes sense that you look to the cloud. You can scale up or down your storage needs easily without adding additional IT equipment or software to do so. This is particularly helpful if you need the cloud for a finite amount of time (such as an event or trade show) or a particular task (such as data backup).

  • Convenience and Collaboration
    Imagine a world where you can start your document on your office desktop and access it on your home tablet. Or for that matter, from any device, anywhere there is Wi-Fi. And even better, you can collaborate with others without clogging up emails. Individuals can view, comment or edit documents depending on the approval level you give them. Regarding saving the file, no need to do so as the system will automatically save any change as they occurs. Welcome to cloud computing.

  • Security
    One of the issues of moving to the cloud is the risk of data hacking and loss of data files. While I will content there is always a risk of lost data (disaster, fire, lost laptop), a private cloud option can offer you a level of security that parallels your strictest server file access protocol.

    What is a private cloud? It is a model of cloud computing that involves a distinct and secure environment in which only your organization is on the server and has access to it.

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Home for Cloud Computing

At Hartford Technology Rental, we offer the following benefits with our private cloud solution:

  • Centralized Security
  • Scalable System
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery and
  • Pay-As-You-Go Offering with no long-term contract

By deploying our cloud rental solution, you can give users access only to the resources they need. Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or contact us online to see how we help you leverage the value of cloud computing.