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Clients Buy from Business Consultants, Not Salespeople

Clients Buy from Business Consultants, Not Salespeople

Being a great salesperson is not the same as being an awesome business consultant. Let’s explore the difference between these two professionals, for a moment:

A Salesperson is concerned about:

  • Making their quota
  • Winning an incentive trip
  • Earning their bonus and/or
  • Making their boss/department/division look good.

A Business Consultant, on the other hand:

  • Brings the right, customized solution to the client
  • Is willing to walk away from the business, the offer or the situation if it isn’t a good fit
  • Listens and responds accordingly to client requests and
  • Knows their product and service offerings inside and out.

Why Business Consultant Based Organizations Exceed

Let’s explore the reasons why business consultant-based organizations are better for building business relationships.

  1. They understand the customer’s buying process and sync it with their selling process.


    If a prospect tells you they will be making a decision in six months, believe them. Don’t try to shoehorn your solution into your selling timeline because two things will happen as a result: They will see your transparency and you will drive them away through lack of integrity.

    Learn whether the need is immediate such as business continuity or a solution is for next summer, like computer camp technology. A savvy business consultant is going to understand the client’s timeline and plan accordingly.

  2. Their reputation is everything.

    Not only do great business consultants spend time and money training to become knowledge experts, but they understand their personal reputation is at stake with every business deal.

  3. They listen and follow-up.

    A business consultant listens, answers and follows up. Even if the prospect is not a right fit, a good consultant takes the time to understand what they need and follows up accordingly in a timely fashion.

  4. They throw away their marketing collateral and present on-demand solutions.

    Rather than having brochures, pamphlets and product cards that are outdated as soon as they are printed, a good business consultant carries an iPad rental that allows him or her to bring up the right video, photograph or white paper the client needs to see.

  5. They ask for the order after delivering their value proposition.

    The one thing salespersons and business consultants have in common is their ability to ask for the sale. The difference is the salesperson probably asks too soon while the business consultant waits until after they have qualified the lead, answered their questions and presented the right solution.

The Business Consultants at Hartford Technology Rental

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