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Choosing the Right Monitor

Choosing the Right Monitor

Technology evolves faster now than ever before. This isn’t news to most of you, but it can create unsuspecting change that you may not be aware of. One example is when technology introduces new terms and words to describe an innovative product or enhancement to an older, existing product.

One area we definitely see this happening is with monitor technology. From LCD to LED, 4K to Touchscreen, it can all be so confusing and can make choosing from the different monitor types difficult.

Clearly, you want to make sure you select the right monitor to suit your needs, either for the workplace or to be used at an event or conference. Read on to learn about the qualities and characteristics of the different monitor currently available so that you will be ready when it comes time to selecting one.

Different Monitor Types Overview

Keep in mind your individual criteria when going over these options. Knowing what you want will help determine which monitor is right.

At a minimum, a good monitor displays the information correctly, refreshes adequately, and keeps eyes strain down. Let’s delve further into the different types…


The first line of commercially affordable flat screens (because plasma didn’t work out) was the liquid-crystal display (LCD). As the name suggests, these monitors contain liquid crystals that modulate light. The result is a uniform brightness, and relatively low contrast images.

As opposed to the older cathode ray tube (CRT) displays, these can produce better depths of color with a higher refresh rate. Within the LCD world, different display types have been developed that offer a range of color changes and refresh rates.


A light-emitting diode (LED) display builds on LCD tech. In reality, an LED display is the same as a LCD display EXCEPT that it uses LEDs to backlight the screen. As a result, the images are usually very bright and very colorful.

In addition, LED displays outperform LCD monitors in terms of color variety and refresh speeds. It is also much less expensive to build larger screens as the lighting medium is granular instead of set to specific dimensions. 

If you are looking for a thinner design monitor that offers better picture quality, supports 4K resolution, has fast response time for serious gamers, or general high performance, LED will be the technology of choice.


These displays capitalize on LED technology to pack in more pixels than ever before. LCD and LED displays offer 1080p resolution (which means 1080 pixels). The most common ratio is 1920×1080, as screens are wider than they are tall.

The numbers go up with 4K ultra HD providing 3849×2160 pixels. It maintains the same 16:9 aspect ratio but offers more individual colors across the same space, resulting in a clearer image.

Refresh rates also see an improvement going up from the standard 60 Hz of previous LCD displays, past the 120 Hz of LED into 144 Hz. The newest 4K displays hit 240 Hz and make a difference when split-second decisions matter such as in gaming monitors

Touch Screen

A touch screen display builds on the underlying technology. The cost of a touch screen goes up accordingly from a same size and performance of LCD, LED, or 4K monitor. 

The touch screen technology exists in all of the previous forms discussed. A touch screen isn’t a different way of creating the images; it is a layer on top of the images that creates an effect. The effect itself may be resistive, capacitive, or use a surface wave. 

Overall, touch screens have their uses for novelty and require fewer peripherals, which is why they are popular in mobile devices, laptops and wayfinding displays at events and conferences. Consider renting a touchscreen monitor as a way to bring interactivity to an event or meeting. 

Need a Monitor? We Can Help!

Are you setting up an in-house training session and need additional monitors? Or do you want to showcase your new product introduction on a large screen monitor at your next event? We can help. Our rental inventory is stocked with name-brand monitors in a variety of sizes, all ready to be delivered to your office or off-site venue.

Not exactly sure what you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you select the right monitor among the different types available to ensure that you get exactly what you need.