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CES 2017 Recap: Focus on AI, VR, TV and Cyber Tech

CES 2017 Recap: Focus on AI, VR, TV and Cyber Tech

The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up Sunday and with thousands of exhibitors, 175,000+ attendees from hundreds of countries, it is one of the largest trade shows in the world. While many of the gadgets and gears displayed at the show were in the concept and development stage, it is always interesting to recap what offerings tech savvy media outlets like Mashable and Computerworld believe will make the cut this year.

Here is a summary of their insights.

Technologies to Watch

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Assistants: It looks like Amazon is the clear winner here with Alexa. The Alexa suite is expected to grow with DA powered light bulbs, locks and speakers. The development world is taking to Alexa like fish to water and IoT tools are expected to be on the rise in the first half of this year. While Apple’s HomeKit and Google Home have hope, they have a lot of catching up to do to beat Alexa.

Driverless Cars: With so many players from Google to BMW and everyone in between, it is hard to assess who will make the biggest breakthrough in this arena. However, Faraday Future is the one everyone was talking about this week and Mashable thinks it is the one that has the best prototype to date.

Virtual Reality

Big Laptops: While there has been a trend over the last few years to move to tablet technology when laptops come to an end of life, gaming laptops that are graphic intensive and VR ready are in demand. The companies rising to the top with products are Acer, Lenovo, and Samsung.

Wireless VR Headsets: It is expected with second-generation VR solutions, that cords will disappear. However, Intel already has an untethered VR solution with Project Alloy.

Cyber Security

Everyone is concerned about cyber attacks, including the U.S. government given the latest information about Russia’s alleged influence over our election. From small businesses to large, it is important to look at privacy gadgets to protect your data. Symantec, BitDefender, and Intel unveiled devices that scrutinize data as it flows across networks by attaching a device to your router. Look for more players and sophistication with large networks in 2017.


While 4K technology has been around for a few years, the news this year will be the number of Chinese players to enter this market thus driving up availability and driving down price. Look for Samsung and LG to continue to dominate the market, until and if Chinese manufacturers ship their technology here.

Even though Apple was missing from this year’s event, Computerworld speculates they will unveil a 4K version of the Apple TV sometime this year.

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