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Cell Phone Charging Kiosk: A Rental that Pays for Itself

Cell Phone Charging Kiosk: A Rental that Pays for Itself

According to a February 2017 report from comScore, 79% of Americans own smartphones. Given this statistic, is it any wonder the ability to “plug in” is such a priority to these users — no matter where they are?

LG Electronics recently reported that 90% of smartphone users feel “Low Battery Anxiety” when their phone drops below a 20% battery life. And they will do almost anything to charge their device from finding an open electrical outlet at the back of a meeting room to ordering a drink at a bar if a power source is within arm’s length.

What if you could relieve “Low Battery Anxiety” while promoting your business AND gaining a source of revenue? You absolutely can by securing a cell phone charging kiosk from us.

Key Places Charging Kiosk Rentals Make Sense

Here are the more popular locations you will see charging stations show up:

  • Events
  • Trade Shows & Conference
  • Corporate Lounges & Lobbies
  • Governmental Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Theaters

In other words, just about anywhere smartphone users gather together for a period of time and have a place to carry on a conversation while their phones are charging.

How Phone Charging Kiosks Work

It couldn’t be any easier: access, lock, recharge and retrieve.

  1. User swipes a credit card or enters an on-screen code to access an empty chamber.
  2. Connects their phone to the charging cord and shuts the chamber door which locks upon closure.
  3. Relax, eat, go back to work or wander the show floor while your phone is recharging for about 30 minutes.
  4. After the allotted time, swipe a card or enter code to retrieve the phone.

We rent cell phone charging stations in three models: tabletop, floor stand and wall mounted. Each unit can charge up to six phones at the same time.

3 Key Benefits of a Charging Station

  1. Promotion of your brand.
    Through a fully customized display unit, you can engage customers and prospects with your logo, videos, photo array, surveys and even collect lead generation data.
  2. Individuals stay longer.
    It has been proven that when users recharge their phone, they will stick around at least another 30 minutes, whether it is to wander around a trade show floor or continue visiting with an exhibitor at a conference.
  3. New Source of Revenue.

    At meetings and events, organizers can charge attendees to use the charging stations. Or they can offer exhibiting companies an opportunity to pay a sponsorship fee to display their logo or brand message on each kiosk unit. Either way, the secure charging station kiosk becomes a revenue source for the organization.

    Businesses can put one in their lobby and rotate sponsorship opportunities every month. There are numerous ways a cell phone charging kiosk can be an additional source of revenue that ultimately pays for itself!

It’s a fact – smartphone users will welcome and definitely use a charging station. You can drive more foot traffic to your booth, eliminate the need for your staff to bring their own power cords, potentially capture lead generation data and make residual income, which should aptly pay for most, if not all, of the cell phone charging kiosk rental.

Hartford Technology Rental Has Charging Stations

Ready to rent a charging station? We carry charging kiosks by Bright Box, a global leader of secure smartphone charging stations. Contact one of our sales representatives at 888.520.5667 to learn more about this product and the support we offer