Case Study: The World Bank Uses the Power of VR

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Case Study: The World Bank Uses the Power of Oculus VR | HTR

When The World Bank (WB) wanted to send a strong message about the heartbreaking stats of people living in extreme poverty, they looked to the power of VR filmmaking to showcase their work in developing countries halfway around the world.

They wanted to present to 190 high-profile attendees a VR experience that allowed viewers to understand the violence and terrorism felt in one developing country - Niger, and to see first-hand the extreme poverty running rampant in that country.

Since this was their first large-scale VR project, The World Bank was looking for an experienced partner who could supply them with top-of-the-line virtual reality headsets and offer them expertise in support of this event. This is where Hartford Technology stepped in and helped them.

Challenges & Solutions of VR Event

Putting on an event of any size can present challenges to any organizer and The World Bank event was no different. By partnering with Hartford Technology Rental, we were able to address the following key issues and offer solutions for their event:


Issue: Due to security reasons, it was important to build a self-contained network for the 190 VR headsets. The headsets had to have their own network, outside of The World Bank’s internal network.

Solution: We advised them on the necessary network components and worked with them onsite during implementation.


Problem: All 190 VR headsets needed to have the experience installed and network settings configured properly. During the imaging phase, The World Bank was late in getting us the final experience to load; we only received the content the afternoon before delivery.

Solution: With our in-house resources to image multiple devices simultaneously, our technicians were able to complete the imaging and configuration of all headsets on time despite the tight delivery deadline.


Problem: In order to create the experience for every viewer at the same time, the content had to be programmed to play in-sync on all 190 headsets. In addition, we had to account for sound projection; with all the headsets playing sound at the same time, the room was going to be very noisy!

Solution: To make syncing work effortlessly, we recommended VR Sync, a software solution. To address the noise issue in the event space, we recommended that all headsets be muted, and that the sound from the experience be played through their theater sound system.

Why Partner with Hartford Tech?

Another aspect of putting on an event is selecting the right vendor partner to help execute a flawless event. For The World Bank, they chose Hartford Technology for a number of reasons:

  • Technology inventory
  • Experience
    • We have done several large virtual reality events around the country, and are ready to handle many more this coming year.
  • Location
    • The World Bank event was taking place in the DC area. For us, this was a local event – we have an office/distribution center in the metro DC area. We also have offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles so, wherever your event is, our Sales and tech teams can assist you.
  • Technicians
    • We provide experienced onsite technicians to assist during the setup; and during the event, we offer onsite technical support.
  • Rental Rates
    • We provided The World Bank with very competitive rates that allowed them to stay under budget.

Finding Success with a Oculus VR Rental Partner

With a high-profile event like The World Bank, where an immersive VR project was showcased to high-level attendees, it was imperative that everything went as planned. At the end of the event, our client sent us an email about our products and service solutions …

“Big thanks for all the help and very happy that all turned out perfectly.”

Our goal is to make things easier for our clients by offering excellent customer service. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in creating an immersive experience using VR headsets but don’t know where to begin, we can help! Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 and we will be happy to help you get your immersive program started. We look forward to having you as a satisfied customer like The World Bank!