Business Technology Trends in 2020

Technology by its nature can’t stand still. According to Moore’s Law, computer processing power doubles every two years. You can apply that to a lot of technology – not just computer processors. Advances happen fast and companies that don’t keep up fall behind.

There are many new technology trends in 2020, like AI-as-a-service and autonomous machines. Add returning technologies, like automation, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). But which trends do you need to know for business? How do you use them? Read on to learn more.

Business Tech Trends in 2020

Adopt 5G Data Networks

Cellular carriers rolled out 5G data networks in a handful of major cities in 2019. But 5G looks set to expand its coverage in 2020, giving access to super-fast data networks.

5G is likely to hit 10 gigabits per second, compared to 100 megabits per second on 4G. Why does this matter for businesses? It means you can get online at better speeds than you get from wired internet connections. You’ll also enjoy stable access, making it easier to run your business from anywhere.

5G also means we’re more likely to see great advances in the IoT. More bandwidth means more data, which helps with machine learning.

With so much smartphone use, why not rent a cellphone charging kiosk for your reception area? It will give your visitors an opportunity to charge their phones in a secure locker while they conduct business with your employees/department heads.

Explore the Possibilities of Extended Reality

Extended Reality refers to a trio of technologies. That’s virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

VR is more often associated with the 1980s but smartphone advances helped it make a comeback. Now, people wear much slimmer VR headsets to explore a virtual world.

Augmented Reality (AR) lets you view the real world through your smartphone but with added digital overlays. Mixed Reality extends AR through holographic items in the real world.

Where once they were the primary domain of video games, businesses can now use VR and AR. VR is a great tool for architects or builders who are now able to ‘show’ clients around their latest project. AR offers huge opportunities for training staff in various industries from manufacturing, retail, aerospace, military and more. The benefits are only now starting to be realized!

Try AI for Customer Service

Big companies use AI to offer a fantastic experience. Take Spotify and Amazon, using AI to recommend new playlists or products.

If that’s beyond your budget, don’t worry. You can still get on the AI bandwagon with chatbots. In fact, 40 percent of millennials engage with bots every day. These website-based helpers can handle low-level customer service queries 24/7. They’ll forward the conversation to a human agent if they can’t solve the problem.

Chatbots are a great way to free up your staff to deal with more difficult or nuanced problems while easy problems get solved quickly and efficiently. That means all your customers get a swift response when they need help. So, guess which company these consumers will recommend to their friends and colleagues? I think you know the answer…

Which Technology Trends in 2020 Will You Follow?

You can’t invest in all the technology trends in 2020. Pick those that suit your business and offer something positive for your customers. You’ll improve the customer experience and create a more future-focused business.

Investing in physical equipment may be out of your budget. Why not rent it while you run trials to see what to adopt? Request a quote from us and we’d be happy to help you get the right technology rental to fit your budget.