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Business Survival Guide for Upcoming Holiday Season

Business Survival Guide for Upcoming Holiday Season

It seems hard to believe, but in ten short weeks the holidays will be in full swing. So, here’s the big question: Is your organization ready? Whether you are small, retail business serving your local community or a large, enterprise organization, this is the month to map out employee and customer plans for the rest of the year.

In order to make the most of the holiday season, you will to identify key dates and items to complete each month to maximize your efforts, while showing appreciation of your employees and clientele along the way.


  1. Book your holiday party.
    This is the time to figure out what your budget is, who will be invited, where it will be held and the type of gifts you are giving away.
  2. Ramp up hiring and training.  
    If you are doing seasonal hiring or taking in more business during this time, training is crucial. Set up one day in October to get everyone prepared for the increased workload during the coming months.
  3. Review your search terms.
    Test your top 50 online search terms and see where your business ranks. According to HubSpot, search is moving more toward natural language so long-tail search terms are more important than competitive short-tail ones.  

Key Date: October 31, Halloween

Key Stat:  According the National Retail Federation, 41% of consumers kick off their holiday buying in October.


  1. Track your analytics weekly.
    On the same day every week, pull up Google Analytics, SEMRush or Moz report to review your website traffic. Look at the top ten pages and make plans to improve traffic for pages that are not doing well.
  2. Create a holiday hashtag.   
    Start posting on social media about your upcoming celebrations, promotions or new product offerings. Use the same hashtag across all platforms.
  3. Weave key dates into your digital strategy.  
    For example, if you are veteran owned business or want to give a special discount to vets, let buyers know leading up to this day. Or if you are a small, retail business, get involved in Small Business Saturday. Or if you want to start a CSR initiative within your company, promote Giving Tuesday.

Key Dates:            November 6, Election Day
                              November 11, Veterans Day
                              November 22, Thanksgiving Day and Gray Thursday
                              November 23, Black Friday
                              November 24, Small Business Saturday
                              November 26, Cyber Monday
                              November 27, Giving Tuesday

Key Stat: According to Commerce Cloud, mobile orders accounted for 39% of business transactions in November.


  1. Take note of your CTAs.
    If you are running PPC campaigns with multiple products on multiple platforms, take note of which ones are working and which ones might need a little more help. If you are trying to get people to book your services or buy products by year-end, increase your discount every week.   
  2. Be available for last minute inquiries.    
    Don’t turn away opportunities even when the holiday is upon you. Implement a chatbot or have someone available to answer calls and emails 24/7.
  3. Package offerings. 
    From December 23-31, package your strongest product or service with the weakest one to gain a commitment to clear your shelves and/or book business for 2019.

Key Dates:            December 2, Hanukkah begins
                              December 10, Green Monday
                              December 11, Peak Order Day
                              December 21, First Day of Winter
                              December 22, Super Saturday
                              December 24, Christmas Eve
                              December 25, Christmas Day
                              December 26, Kwanzaa begins
                              December 31, New Year’s Eve

Key Stat: According to Salesforce, 55% of all shoppers’ report having purchased a product online and picked it up in a physical store.

Now that you have a workable calendar to plan the next ten weeks. Please let us know how we can help — whether it is providing technology for your holiday gathering, computers for training or iPad rentals to process more orders.

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