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Business Meetings Bring Big Benefits

Business Meetings Bring Big Benefits

“Bringing people together, face-to-face, is essential to building great organizations,” stated Bill McDermott CEO of SAP in a recent interview on CNBC.

While I have known this for a long time, in today’s demanding and virtual oriented business environment, it is refreshing to hear a CEO stand up and say business meetings really do matter.

So what exactly do meeting participants gain from a face-to-face encounter? According to McDermott, a corporate event can accomplish one or more of the following benefits:

  • Networking
  • Learning
  • Sharing
  • Celebrating

And he goes onto say that no other means (conference calls, video chats or virtual meetings) can touch this. Let’s break down each of these benefits and the role technology can play in each of them.

4 Key Business Meeting Benefits and Technology’s Role


Networking is to a meeting, what water is to coffee. You cannot have one without the other. Research states that most individuals attend any meeting with two objectives in mind, networking with other co-workers and learning something new.

Technology’s Role: As NFC and RFID technology progresses and becomes less costly; you will see it used as an integral part of the networking experience. In the meantime, more widely accepted methods might include:

  • icebreaker questions displayed on a LCD projector rental
  • gamification app on tablet rentals or
  • setting up a social station for photo and video capture of the meeting.


Training seminars which can include onboarding new employees, introducing a new product or continuing education within the company are probably at greatest risk for a virtual transition. However, the ability to contain employees within a room while having their undivided attention and assess whether or not they understood the message are paramount to a company’s long-term success.

Technology’s Role: Technology is designed to enhance the learning process and can be introduced in a variety of methods including:

  • iPad rentals that encompass an Audience Response app to assess if learning objectives are being met or not
  • Using Twitter or texting to engage with the presenter and ask questions, make comments or weigh-in on a new product introduction or
  • Second Screens where employees can view the presenter, presentation and take notes all from one device.


Whether you are sharing great news about the organization, providing a motivational speaker to inspire the troops or brainstorming about company challenges, face-to-face meetings inspire buzz, motivation and teamwork.

Technology’s Role: News, inspiration and brainstorming can go viral faster within the organization and out into the digital world with the right tech solution. Here are three ideas:

  • Video clips, photos and social channels can be effectively displayed on a video wall rental where employees can gather to see real-time news about the company
  • Motivational messages can be recorded and snippets shared on social via mobile kiosk units strategically placed throughout the organization or
  • Mind mapping apps can help teams focus on company problems and come up with workable solutions.


This maybe one of the most overlooked reasons to meet face-to-face but quite possibly the most important. Meeting to celebrate individual contributions to the company’s success, sharing birthdays, work anniversaries, introducing new hires and acknowledging special recognitions are all good reasons to meet on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis.

Technology’s Role: Sharing employee successes can easily be transported around the company via:

  • Creation of a YouTube channel where these videos can be stored and shared on social
  • Showcasing employees’ photos and their landmark celebrations on large screen monitor rentals. In addition, these monitors can remind employees of the upcoming celebration or
  • The cloud, which can store photo and video montages of various company incentive trips or special recognition events.

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