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Build Better Corporate Brand Awareness through Technology

Build Better Corporate Brand Awareness through Technology

Your brand identity is a vital component to everything you do as a corporate entity. It is used in marketing collateral and advertising opportunities. However, are there other ways to extend your brand at the office, in sales meetings and even at trade shows via technology? The short answer is yes, but you need to look at a complete strategy before renting technology equipment.

Four Steps to Building Better Awareness

  1. Determine Your Brand Strategy.

    What is the story you want your brand to tell and how can you present it with technology? Most companies rely heavily on their logo to communicate their brand and while that should be part of your strategy, it needs to be more. It should include your tagline, spokesperson, products and services and select personnel, such as brand ambassadors and upper management.

  2. Provide Access to Your High Resolution Branding Library.

    Ensure that employees have access to your company’s photos, videos, logos and other branding collateral via a digital library. In addition, have it available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

    Whether you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, submitting sponsorship information for a trade show or utilizing 3D LED rentals in the your lobby, having access to high resolution materials is key to creating and maintaining brand awareness. If left to their own devices, most employees will pluck whatever they can from Google images. Give them something better to work with and your brand awareness will soar!

  3. Be Consistent and Enforce Brand Policies.

    From business cards to social channels, ensure your brand message is consistent across all platforms. Consistency ensures clarity with your audience. Inconsistency creates confusion.

    For example, if all your PowerPoint presentations are required to have the company logo at the bottom right and its Twitter handle in the footer of each slide, someone needs to enforce this policy. Even small companies should get onboard – again clarity is the key to brand resonation.

  4. Use the Right Technology to Extend the Life of Your Brand.

    Take an audit of your company locations, marketing collateral and places where you sell your products and services (i.e. your conference rooms, trade shows and face-to-face sales meetings). How might you use technology? Here are a few ideas:

    • In your lobby, provide iPad rental kiosks for individuals to contact company staff that they have arrived, show product videos or scroll through press releases. Allow individuals to send an email to the general mailbox or specific departments within the company.
    • Utilize directional signage to guide guests to specific departments.
    • In your conference room, large monitor rentals can have a dual purpose: to display all presentations and when not in use, to constantly run brand messaging.
    • At a trade show, a video wall rental can display brand messaging and be seen from up to 300 feet away. A video wall can run as one large display or be reconfigured into multiple feeds that can display product photos and brand messages, your Twitter feed and run live video between booth participants and company’s management team.
    • Your sales team can ditch binders in favor of tablet rentals that can store all paper presentations and run the CRM system from one device. Tablets are light and sleek and due to their enhanced pixel displays, they can make standard presentations and videos pop for prospects and customers.

Follow these four steps for maximum digital brand virality and choose a partner that can help you achieve your branding goals!

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