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Best iPad Accessories for Events and Business

Best iPad Accessories for Events and Business

Whether you are running a convention or managing a construction site, iPad rentals are probably an integral part of your tech solution. But what about the accessories that go along with them? Do you need to buy them or can they be bundled in with the rental?

The good news is Hartford Technology Rental has accessory rentals that you need, when you need them. Today’s blog post will focus on the type of accessories available and suggested uses of each offering.

Events, Meetings and Trade Shows

Floor Stand Kiosk

This iPad Kiosk rental unit is designed to hold an iPad in a public environment, such as a meeting room foyer or hotel lobby, transforming it into and replacing old-style computer kiosks.

Typical Uses

  • Self-service registration check-in
  • Walk-in registrations
  • Sponsor messages
  • Event alerts

Tabletop Stand

This unit provides secure placement on a table and is typically used in self-serve mode. In addition to use of the iPad, this table stand rental can be branded with your logo and text to encourage use of the device by the attendee (i.e. look here).

Typical Uses

  • Trade show booth where users can peruse product photos and videos.
  • Trade show map that will direct users to specific exhibitors
  • Pre-production Orders after a major product launch

Charging Stations

It has been proven over and over again, the number one thing conference attendees leave back in their hotel room or at home, is their mobile device charger. Providing a charging station that can accommodate multiple iPads and iPhones can keep attendees at the conference to the very end.

iPad Cables and Docks

These devices allow for syncing of systems, charging units and connecting Apple devices to displays and projector rentals.

These are typically needed for presentations where the speaker has an Apple laptop or iPad and connection is required to a non-Apple device.


Wireless Keyboard

The iPad Wireless Keyboard is Bluetooth enabled. It is perfect in an environment where a touchscreen is important and a lot of typing will take place.

Typical Uses

  • Training sessions where intensive note taking or testing is needed
  • Sales meetings
  • Peer Reviews
  • Board room presentations where recorded meeting minutes are desired

Security Cases

iPad anchors secure your iPad from theft – whether it is on a security anchor or in a locked protection case for times you are on the go.

Typical Uses:

  • Retail establishments that accept credit card payments
  • Any professional who needs to travel extensively and make client/prospect visits
  • Busy business lobbies for display of digital signage, maps and employee directory

Tough Cases

This solution puts a case around the iPad and protects it from drops, scratches, dust and shocks. Tough cases are perfect in a construction zone or a situation where the iPad might be moved around a lot.

Hartford Technology Rental Has iPad Accessories

Whatever your need, we can source your business or event with the right accessory. Simply pick up the phone and call us at 888.520.5667 or request a quote online.