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Best Business & Event Practices Include iPhone Rental

Best Business & Event Practices Include iPhone Rental

Along with the fact, that there are no deposits or long-term contracts with rentals, how can iPhone rentals be part of a business or event’s best practices. Let’s discover some of the times when renting iPhones makes sense.

Custom branding

Whether you need a specific background, logo, event hashtag or a combination of all the above, iPhone rentals are great for corporations and trade show exhibitors to easily identify which phones are yours from the sea of others.

Preloaded applications through bulk imaging

You have specific application and branding needs for 500 iPhones. No problem! We can bulk image your devices in one fell swoop and make all iPhone rentals look alike. Your phones will have the applications you desire from the moment of delivery. In addition, when you return the iPhones, we will wipe the devices completely.

eCommerce is easy

If you are a trade show exhibitor or pop-up retailer that needs to sell your wares to the general public, attaching a Square card reader to the iPhone rentals is a piece of cake.

Expert onsite service is always an option
Having an onsite team to distribute the iPhones, give instructions to new users, and install and test the USB charging stations, can help users adapt to technology they may not be familiar with.

Try out different iPhones
Before settling on an iPhone model for your organization, trying out different models and sizes is always a valuable experience. Allowing individuals to check out the different models for a week or so, and then gathering feedback from each department about their experience, can help establish the best corporate standard, especially in the area of size, memory requirements and RAM.

Easy Hotspot Installation

Because both the iPhone and hotspot rentals are through Verizon, it makes it very easy to aggregate the monthly data plan costs. Also, putting hotspots in strategic locations allows for a reduction in the data usage on each individual phone.

You Can Change iPhone Models Often
Because you do not have a long-term contract, trading up to a new iPhone is easy.

Hartford Technology Has iPhone Rentals

Your company can participate in a month-to-month iPhone rental program with no deposit up front. In addition, if your phone is damaged, Hartford Technology Rental will provide a replacement phone at no charge to your organization.

We have unlimited talk and text, as well as, a shared data plan that works on the Verizon network.

Whether your needs are for an event, your company wants to try out a variety of iPhones before settling on just one model or your organization does not want to be in a two-year carrier lease, Hartford Technology Rental has the right smartphone solutions for you – we rent both iPhone 6 models and the latest iPhone 6s models!

Give us a call at 888.520.5667 to learn more about ways we can provide you with the technology you need when you need it!