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Best AV Equipment Trending Now

Best AV Equipment Trending Now

Audio visual (AV) equipment has numerous benefits for a business including information retention, increased engagement, and enhanced sharing opportunities.

While it’s easy to fall in love with your last AV investment, it’s also important to stay up-to-date on the newest AV gear.

So, what do audio visual professionals see trending in 2019? Keep reading to learn about the best AV equipment in today’s market. With these innovations, you’ll stay ahead of the competitor and earn the title for the trendiest business in town.

Latest AV Equipment Trends

1. Hologram Technology

While not the quite holograms we see in sci-fi films, projected holograms have finally made it to the event and workplace worlds. 

Due to recent advancements in projection technology, holograms now provide a highly realistic 3-D effect with brighter hues. 

Whether you want to feature a speaker from across the globe or liven up a party, the reducing price and increasing quality of holography mean 2019 is the year to do so.

2. Flat Screen Displays

In with the new and out with the old thick displays and projector screens. Flat screens are all the rage in the AV world. We’re not just talking about flat-screen televisions.

Flat screen computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets have made their way into the breakroom, conference room, and event spaces. They are now preferred over a projector screen, as you can connect multiple flatscreen displays around the room so every attendee has an easy view.

A Flatscreen monitor is among the six types of AV equipment your company should be using.

3. LED Displays

The LED market is expected to grow by more than 14% in the upcoming years. And we can understand why.

The newest LED displays today provide bright, high-resolution imagery that is also modifiable to fit your needs. The MiniLED platform has improved LED backlighting by incorporating a higher yield rate, local dimming, and more categories of HDR.

You’ll find LED walls in public spaces (such as malls), workplaces, and high-tech events or conferences. You certainly don’t want to be the only one not using LED AV equipment this year.

4. Resimercial

Resimercial is a hot new word in the AV sphere. It refers to bringing audiovisual devices once designed for the residential space into the commercial workplace. Think Alexa at work.

Resimericals are trending because they turn the business space into a smart environment. It also allows connection between all of the technology in the workspace leading to more efficient and operable management.

To make resimercials work for your business, you’ll have to ensure you have a dynamic server that can withstand a high-performance network. 

Rent Trendy AV Equipment Today

AV products and services have grown and improved substantially over the past few years, and this is projected to continue. Because trends are constantly changing, renting AV equipment allows you to stay on top of the latest trends without investing too much money. 

Lucky for you, we specialize in renting AV technology. From monitors to video walls and virtual realities, we’ve got the best AV products available. Check them out and contact us today for a quote.