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Benefits of PC Stick for Business

Benefits of PC Stick for Business

Last year, Intel entered into the PC-on-a-stick market. And while it may look like an alternative to Google Chromecast, Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, it has one amazing difference. It is the first device exclusively targeted to the business community. With a full computer loaded with Windows 10, it pops into any HDMI port and is ready to go.

What is a PC Stick?

PC Stick is a computer that is smaller than a conventional PC, while keeping comparable performance to one. It can be plugged into any HDMI monitor rental.

The Intel Compute Stick has 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage and features a small cooling fan which allows it to run more applications simultaneously than its “stick” competitors. In addition, it has built-in Wi-Fi access.

In short, the Intel Stick is a computer equipped with Windows 10 that looks like a large thumb drive (make sure you read our complete product review of the Intel Compute Stick)

What applications can it run?

The Intel Stick can run many of the Windows desktop offerings and more. Here is a sampling of apps and uses:

  • Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Apps such as online meetings, mileage and expense reporting, CRM, note taking, Six Sigma and much more
  • Internet Browsers and
  • Storage and retrieval of files, photos and videos

Uses in the business environment

Scenario #1: Hot-desking

Hot desking is a work space sharing model in which employees outnumber desks and/or offices. This is where a PC Stick rental works great with HDMI monitors, Bluetooth mouses and keyboards. A worker can come up to a monitor, plug in the Intel Stick and connect within seconds to their own files and applications.

Scenario #2: Low-Cost Collaboration

The ability for the team to gather around a large monitor rental unit to review and edit Office programs without use of high-end processor can save the organization time and money, especially if the monitor is already in place and has other uses.

Scenario #3: Meeting Presentations

Because it supports PowerPoint, all presentations can be loaded on a PC Stick prior to the meeting and connected directly to the monitor or meeting room projector rental unit.

Scenario #4: Exhibitor Digital Display

If you are at a tradeshow, it can turn your touch screen monitor into a photo and video showcase of your products and services.

Hartford Technology Rental is on the Stick

Rent the Intel Compute Stick from Hartford Technology Rental by calling us at 888.520.5667 to learn how this innovative technology can work for you at the office, in meetings or on the trade show floor!