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Before Adding Event Technology, Answer These 4 Simple Questions

Before Adding Event Technology, Answer These 4 Simple Questions

Many of my planning colleagues are both interested and anxious about interactive technology tools for their series of meetings and events. The C-Suite wants to look sharp and hip; the manager want to keep the budget under wraps and the planner wants to look good.

So given this complex scenario, what are you to do? Here are four simple questions to ask before you start down the technology lane. If you answer these four items completely, you will have a clear understanding of what you need to be successful.

What do your stakeholders need and want?

From your attendee to your booth exhibitor, and everyone in between, you need to know what kind of technology they desire at your meeting. Are your attendees used to using second screens? If so, iPad rental probably make sense. Is your meeting in a large space with lots of attendees? If so, microphone rentals are a must so everyone can hear what the presenter is saying.

What are your goals?

“Put people and goals first, technology second,” stated Midori Connolly of AVGirl Productions.

Here are six questions that can help you shape your goals:

  1. Why are you holding this meeting?
    If you can’t come up with a clear understanding of why you need to have the meeting in the first place, go ahead and cancel it.
  2. What are the 3-5 key takeaways?
    These should be in statement form. An example of this might be: By the end of this event, I want the attendee to be thoroughly trained on the new corporate software system.
  3. Who will attend this meeting?
  4. Where will the meeting take place?
    If it is off site, you will need to determine the venue’s WiFi capability and remember, you don’t have to use the in-house provider.
  5. When will you hold the meeting?
    If budget is a major concern, look at slow days/times/seasons for the venue and suppliers.
  6. How much money will your total meeting spend be?
    If you don’t have the money for technology, readily admit it. As the saying goes, “you can’t plan a champagne event on a beer budget”. Once you know your budget, goals and requirements, you can either plan accordingly or go back and request additional funding.

Are you a tech expert?

Chances are neither you nor your staff are technology experts. The good news is you don’t have to be. But you do need to interview at least three technology vendors, ask for peer recommendations and do a thorough vetting of the vendor you select.

Ideally, you want an organization that understands total technology integration – computers, AV and Wi-Fi rentals – and how they all work together. You want an organization that has the experience with certified personnel that continue to understand and take note of the latest and greatest tech offerings.

Can the technology offerings help educate and entertain the audience?

If the event technology is not enhancing the attendee experience, forget about it! They will turn off so quick; it can make your head spin. They will leave the session or start fiddling on their smartphone.

Give them the technology that fits the audience needs and can help them cement your messages. Using gamification apps on Apple mac rental is one way to reel them in, but in reality there are thousands of apps that might make sense for your event.

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