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AV Guide for Small, Medium and Large Meetings

AV Guide for Small, Medium and Large Meetings

If computer and audio visual equipment are not your forte, you are not alone. As new apps, hardware and connection options enter the marketplace, it may seem overwhelming to keep up with technology. Take a deep breath…and know I am here to help you out!

With the proper knowledge and planning, your choices can be simplified. Below is your guide to the best choices when it comes to small, medium and large meetings and events.

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Small Meeting AV Requirements

It is estimated that 70% of all meetings in the U.S. have 20 or less participants in them. And while it may seem easy to overlook the technology component of these small events, it is important to realize that if the equipment is not set up properly, valuable time can be wasted. In fact, most small meetings waste 30 minutes at the beginning because some part of the technology equation is not working properly.

Typical small meetings

  • Board meetings
  • Management retreats
  • Peer reviews and
  • Sales meetings

In these types of meetings, the seating is usually board room style with a large conference table and comfortable seating around the table.

The type of technology recommended

  • Wi-Fi access, with fast, robust connections
  • Large monitor rental or screen
  • Projector rental
  • Laptop to connect to projector
  • Flipchart or Whiteboard

Tips to make it all come together

Make sure you post the network name and password on the screen or flipchart where everyone can easily see it. Encourage everyone to come in several minutes before the meeting starts to connect before the meeting starts.

Test the projector and Wi-Fi access an hour before the meeting starts. If you are looping in remote attendees, be sure to test the bridge that will bring the remote attendees into the meeting. Many times telephone numbers get switched or conference passwords are incorrect. Test the number you have based on the email sent out to remote attendees.

Ensure you have access to the room at least one hour before and one hour after the meeting. I can’t tell you the number of client’s I have served that have booked back-to-back meetings with no time for AV setup or teardown. A good 20 minutes are wasted watching the technician prepare for the meeting.

This may seem simple, but be sure the cords are all plugged in and securely connected. A loose connection can cause a lot of problems.

Medium Meeting AV Requirements

These type of meetings are around 25-100 participants and require a little more AV equipment and structure. Seating and tables are usually well defined and don’t change. There may or may not be a riser depending on the location.

Typical medium meetings

  • Breakout sessions
  • Training Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • Networking events
  • Press conferences

The type of technology recommended

  • Wi-Fi access, with fast, robust connections
  • Large monitor rentals or very large screen
  • Projector Rentals
  • Microphone
  • Podium
  • Audience Response app on iPad rentals

Tips to make it all come together

In addition to the small meeting tips, implement the following:

Make sure the audio is tested and the AV technician puts the microphone on each speaker (if it is lavaliere) or walks them through the microphone use.

Ask each presenter to arrive two hours early to go through the AV logistics with the tech team. Make sure you have the right aspect ratio for each presentation so video and images are not distorted.

If the presenters are using video, ensure it can be heard from the last seat of the room.

Large Meeting AV Requirements

These type of meetings are usually 100+ participants and can be spread out over several days. Seating, tables and stage set-up are usually well defined and at least one keynote addresses occurs with this type of event.

Typical large meetings

  • Annual Meetings
  • Conventions
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Shows

The type of technology recommended for this style of meeting

  • Wi-Fi access, with fast, robust connections
  • Large monitor rentals or multiple large screens on stage
  • Projector
  • Microphone rentals
  • Podium
  • Riser
  • Lighting
  • Sound system

Tips to make it all come together

Use all the tips conveyed in the first two meeting scenarios, plus the following recommendations:

Make certain you have enough speakers in the room so everyone can hear the presenters. The general rule of thumb is two speakers for every 150 people.

Sit at the back of the room and make certain you can read, hear and see the presenter, presentation and video. Look at any obstacles and move seating around to avoid individuals placed in their way.

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