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Audience Response Apps for iPad & Tablet Rental

Audience Response Apps for iPad & Tablet Rental

It wasn’t that long ago that the only provisos for Audience Response Systems (ARS) were “clickers” in which attendees in the meeting room pointed the unit at a screen and pressed the appropriate button. While this type of system is still available, it probably doesn’t make sense to add another device when an ARS (or commonly referred to as polling) app can easily be added to Apple rentals or Tablet rentals.

Let’s focus on the benefits of audience response as well as three mobile apps to consider for your next event.

Benefits of Audience Response

  1. Receive Immediate Answers
    The answers are gathered and displayed as an aggregate response. The questions are usually in the form of Yes or No, True or False, or Multiple-Choice. Attendees have an allotted time to answer and can see the polling results as they come in.
  2. Responses are Anonymous

    Meeting participants can answer honestly because individual responses will not be tied to them.

  3. Determine Attendees’ Knowledge Level: Before, During and After the Session

    You can poll attendees all along the way and quickly determine whether or not during the training process, presenters need to spend more time on certain items and less on others.

  4. Remote Attendees Can Participate in the Polling

    Most apps are hardware agnostic and some are even available on the cloud. This allows attendees all over the world to participate in the polling – thus making the results more relevant and salient to the company or association as a whole.


Three Polling Apps to Consider


Polldaddy has 4 major components: survey, polling, quizzing and content rating. It runs exclusively on iPad rentals and iPhones. It is free to download; however Polldaddy has Pro and Corporate pricing plans that allow more polling and reporting options. This could be a great option for a large meeting or one where you expect to poll attendees many times during the course of a year.

QuestionPro creates professional surveys in just a few minutes with full multi-lingual support. This app is supported on smartphones, tablets and social networks. It supports over 30 question types and can collect data offline or online. They have a free app as well as professional and corporate editions which offer unlimited surveys, polling and respondent data.

Group Poll collects feedback on a real time basis and because it is cloud based, you don’t have to configure any software to sync your data – it automatically syncs with the cloud. It creates the polling questions in minutes and is available on any iOS or Android device. While it is a free app for any meeting participant, there is a nominal fee for presenters to see the results. This cost could add up quickly in a conference that has many presenters.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help You Engage Your Audience

Engage your attendees with polling app will allow them to express their opinions, give you feedback and ultimately improve your meetings. Rent iPads and Tablets from Hartford Technology Rental and we will install the right mobile app for you when we deliver the tablets, on time every time, to your event.