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Ask Your AV Provider 7 Vital Questions

Ask Your AV Provider 7 Vital Questions

When it comes to working with an audio visual rental provider, it can be smooth sailing for event planners that vet their prospective partner. Asking the questions below will get you closer to the negotiating table or sets you off on an expedition to find another vendor. Either way, you have garnered important information in the beginning of the planning process, rather than be surprised in the middle of it.

Ask your AV Vendor these 7 Questions:

  1. Can you work within my budget guidelines?
    Don’t try and plan a “champagne event on a beer budget”. No matter how much negotiating leverage you think you may have, if what you want and what you can afford are vastly different, there will be a problem. At this point you need to either move onto another supplier or readjust your event expectations.

  2. How much time do you need to set up and tear down your equipment?
    One of the biggest unexpected budget line items is labor. If the AV technicians need to move the equipment in and out during non-business hours, your budget can be blown out of proportion. Giving your audio visual provider a complete list of equipment and the time to complete the set up and strike during working hours, can help meet your budget requirements.

  3. Will the technician stay throughout the entire conference?
    For complete peace of mind, it is always best to have an onsite technician available to monitor your rental equipment. Although this may not be included in the price, you can always ask for it to be part of the written bid.

    If you cannot afford onsite assistance, find out what the AV company’s back up plan is – specifically what technical support and services they can provide for your conference.

  4. Will you pay for your own travel, board and meals?
    If your audio visual event rental company needs to travel and stay overnight at the conference location, sometimes the expectation is that your organization will pay for their costs. If you are not willing or able to pay for it, talk about these costs, before you sign on the dotted line.

  5. What kind of insurance does your organization carry?
    It is vital that your av rental company is fully insured, especially to cover any injury or damage to a venue’s property and attendees.

  6. Has your organization worked in this city or venue before?
    Working with a company that fully understands the ins and outs of the city and/or venue can be of tremendous help to you.

  7. What sustainable practices does your organization follow?
    Hiring a company that follows green practices can make a difference in the amount of energy they consume and the equipment they offer. For example, LED lighting consumes about 70% less energy than regular lighting. Understanding their practices can move you toward being a “green” organization while potentially saving you money in the process.

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