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Are You Using AIF To Find The Right Trade Show?

Are You Using AIF To Find The Right Trade Show?

AIF – what the heck is that? It is the Audience Interest Factor and apparently it is the secret weapon of show organizers. AIF measures the percentage of show attendees that have an interest in your industry’s products. And while certain metric measurements are still relevant, AIF is the key to knowing whether or not a show is right for your company.

It should be noted that AIF cannot be the whole story according to Dick Swandby, CEO at Exhibit Surveys. If the average AIF is 16% that means about 320 would be interested in your products and services if there are 2,000 attendees at the trade show. This information alone is probably not enough to sway your boss to exhibit at a show. However, since the AIF is a verified, third-party audit, it is worth getting nonetheless.

There have to be other important determining factors…right? This became a discussion item in a LinkedIn Group recently where MaryBeth Tomes, an Event Planner for Kentucky Trailer asked this question:

“I cannot find a document that helps determine if a show is for your industry. Can anyone help?

Below is a summary of some of the answers along with other metrics you should consider when evaluating at a trade show opportunity to exhibit

LinkedIn Ideas

Jerry Meddick with Skyline Exhibits shared, “A lot of my clients walk the show to see if it’s a good fit for their company.” He also suggests asking others at a current show you are attending whether or not the show in question is a good one for your industry.

Candy Adams a Freelance Tradeshow Exhibit Project Manager wrote, “Ask the show’s management for their latest registration demographics.”

Harold Fues, Managing Partner at Internova said, “Find out where shows are that target product-related industries. Google can find you tradeshows that relate to what you sell.“

Other Important Metrics

  • How many attendees historically come to the show?
  • On average, how many leads are generated from each booth?
  • What are the booth space rates?

Know Your Goals

  • What is the demographic you are going after and does it match the show’s demographic listing?
  • How many leads do you desire to generate from the show?
  • How much business do you hope to close at the show? Within 3 months? Within one year?

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