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Are You Targeting Your Most Valuable Event Attendees?

Are You Targeting Your Most Valuable Event Attendees?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your typical attendee was male, between 28-32 years old who lived in the greater Chicago area? Wouldn’t it also be great if you knew he attended your conference three times before?

The good news: this information is available through today’s technology solutions. The better news: these solutions will not break your event budget. Find out how to capture data on event attendees and how to create a social media strategy that takes advantage of the findings from your data.

Gather Data during Registration Process

Hopefully, you have implemented an online registration process for your conference. This is the central system where attendees give you pertinent information about themselves and pay for the event.

On top of the basics, this is the place to find out the following:

  • Gender
  • Age or Age Range
  • Work Address
  • How many times have they attended the event?
  • Where did they find out about the event?

These answers can be in a dropdown menu that allows attendees to quickly respond. Be sure to limit your demographic questions to less than 10, as you will lose attendees if the process seems too cumbersome. Lastly, make these required questions so attendees cannot skip them.

What about walk-in attendees? Direct them to iPads on standalone kiosk rentals to complete the registration process and collect payment. A good registration system will also print their badge once the registration is completed, so be sure to include a printer rental as part of your registration package.

Use Website Analytics

In addition to the registration process, you want to have analytics on your event registration site. Google Analytics can be set up to report the age range, gender, how long users are on the site, how many pages they view and what device they used. Through Google’s web developer tools, you can gather more sophisticated information, but it generally requires a programmer/technician to enable it.

Both the event registration system and website analytics are important tools in developing your event marketing strategy for social media and email campaigns.

Select the Right Social Media Channel for Your Message

Once you know the age, gender, physical location and device used by each attendee, you can start developing a campaign that will reach your target via social media.

For example, if your audience consists primarily of males in their late 20’s who live in Los Angeles and used their smartphones to register, you probably need to focus on SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter. However, if your audience is made up primarily of women in their mid-50s who live in Cleveland and use desktop devices, Facebook and LinkedIn should be your outlets.

Facebook now has very targeted promotional advertising that can drill down your demographic profile and measure the conversion rate to your website via a Pixel. Even though other social media outlets have advertising opportunities, at this time, Facebook has the most sophisticated option.

Develop Targeted Email Campaigns

Email campaigns allow you to reach those individuals who do not participate on social media or do not belong to the ones you are targeting. As a general rule, all business professionals have an email account. However, since 85% of people check their email on their smartphone, emails can quickly disappear unless the headline is both engaging and pertinent to the user.

This should be part of your initial strategy as you can measure impressions and clicks from it. However, your goal is to get individuals to register for the event, so if they are not registering after the first three campaigns, consider abandoning it.


All the data gathering in the world, won’t do you a bit of good unless you are using it to target potential and current attendees. Review the data from all sources regularly and create a content strategy that will bring the most valuable attendees to your event each and every time!

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