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Are Hybrid Events the Best of Both Worlds?

Are Hybrid Events the Best of Both Worlds?

Technology has closed a lot of gaps in business. Distance is one of the biggest problems that technology has solved and hybrid events are a big reason why.

Hybrid events can be big occasions and create opportunities to engage an audience far bigger than an auditorium. Is your messaging and presentation getting through to your participants as well as you want it to?

These types of events have a lot of promise on paper, but how well do they pay on that promise? Let’s take a closer look at hybrid events and find out if they deliver. 

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any event where you have both a physical presenter to a physical audience alongside digital streaming towards an online audience. 

This is common with big presentation talks, like the TedX conference. It can also work well with business meetings and such.

You can have a hybrid event on various levels. Most have at least audio to listen along. Many include video as well to see the presenter. This is a minimal connection and you can get a lot more out of hybrid events. 

The Limits of Engagement

Audience engagement is a tricky thing to master. Presentations that only give out information and don’t involve discussion can be fine, but it can lose out on a lot of potential engagement.

In a typical meeting or presentation, all in attendance have a chance to not only listen and take in the information, but they can respond and spark discussion.

Hybrid events take this even further and welcome a potential audience of thousands. Whatever online audience you can attract is a substantial addition to the discussion.

The problem is getting the proper back and forth of such a large audience is difficult. You can’t answer every question if you don’t have the time.

As well, you can’t hear everyone at any given time when everyone is clamoring to get their question asked. 

Hybrid events require a diligent focus on your massive audience and organized communication to bring out the proper engagement. 

Tweaking Hybrid Events for the Future

In the end, even only having a few more audience members listen to your presentation can be a boon. Extra audience members make for a farther spread of your message.

To get more out of your hybrid events, though, demands a boost to your organization and equipment. 

The first step is making sure everyone is involved. If they can’t hear you, nothing is getting through. Solid sound equipment and stream integration are key elements for a hybrid event. Bad audio can ruin any presentation, hybrid event or not.

Next is to craft a great back and forth discussion for your event. Create spaces in the presentation for questions. Take questions in an organized manner, one at a time, with the question being as clear as the answer so everyone benefits. 

It will help for your stream audience to have a chat to type in questions and to have a dedicated person monitor the chat and note all questions. 

Bringing You Up to Date and Into the Future

Hybrid events have a lot of positives, but whether they work for you is all dependent on how much you are willing to invest in them. Keep all of your audiences in mind, and you’ll go far with them.

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