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Apple iPhone Product Review in a Nutshell

Apple iPhone Product Review in a Nutshell

Last week, Apple announced three new iPhones; the 8, 8 Plus and X in their brand-new headquarters called Apple Park. If you are confused how these new phones are different from each other, as well as, the current iPhone 7, I will do my best to unravel any mysteries about these phones for you in this blog post.

iPhone 8

This phone has the following features:

  • Glass over metal backs which help with improved radio signals and allows for wireless charging of the unit
  • Larger 12 MP camera and captures 83% more light than the iPhone 7
  • True Tone technology, an automated color corrector for the iPhone when in dimmer settings.
  • A11 Bionic processor which has six cores — two high-performance cores (25% faster than the ones in the iPhone 7) and four high-efficiency cores (70% faster than the iPhone 7), and for the first time, all six cores can be used simultaneously.
  • Available in 64, 128 and 256GB storage, dropping the 32GB option
  • Works well with the ARKit integrated in iOS 11
  • Stereo speakers that are 25% louder than previous iPhone models
  • iOS 11 is preinstalled

iPhone 8 Plus

This phone offers everything the iPhone 8 does plus:

  • Dual 12 MP cameras with optical telephoto zoom lens
  • Portrait Lighting which uses machine learning to create a depth map of a person’s face and adjust the lighting automatically
  • Bigger battery for improved life between charges

iPhone X

This phone is meant to designate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and has the most change integrated into the design. It has many of the 8 and 8 plus features, but has these two models beat in terms of the screen attributes, color display and resolution, and sign-in capabilities.

The X’s new design includes:

  • a borderless, OLED screen that has Dolby Vision and HDR 10 capabilities. HDR preserves the gradation from dark to light in ways that SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) cannot.
  • Super Retina display with 2,436 x 1,135-pixel resolution which is a 40% resolution improvement over previous iPhones, including the 8 models
  • Facial recognition technology, thus relieving the end user’s need to remember a passcode and can allow them to make payments through Face ID 
  • No home button

Which iPhone Will Meet Your Needs?

Now that you have all the pertinent facts, which iPhone will best serve your corporate or event needs?

While the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available now, the iPhone X will not be available until November 3rd, leaving many tech bloggers and magazine editors saying everyone should wait and procure the X.

However, the X has a steep price point compared to the other models, so the question boils down to how you will be using these iPhones. Here is my quick analysis, from a business prospective:

The iPhone 8 will serve you well if you interested in speed, storage and signals. It has a smaller footprint compared to the other models and is positioned well for AR applications and other AI features coming down the pipe in coming months.

The iPhone 8 Plus is great for someone who needs a larger screen, takes many photographs and is interested in a long battery life. These are the major advantages over the 8.

The iPhone X has all of the above in terms of speed, storage, signals, camera, AR and long battery life but it has completely different screen technology and is using facial recognition in a cutting-edge way.

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