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App Spotlight : Flipboard

App Spotlight : Flipboard

Allow us to introduce you to one of our favorite apps; Flipboard. Designed for the iPad and iPhone, Flipboard gives you all the news you want in one place. It’s a personal news magazine where you choose from a wide range of topics to follow, allowing you to have a news feed solely full of news that you actually care about. That’s not all though, you can also use Flipboard to flip through social networks and share your favorite photos, articles, etc. on any of your pages! With that said, you can also see what your friends are sharing. All in all, Flipboard is a fun way to catch up on all of your news. Just a small portion of the wide range of topics:

  1. Style
  2. Technology
  3. Sports
  4. TMZ
  5. PostSecret
  6. Amazing Data
  7. iPhoneography
  8. Thought Catalog
  9. Rolling Stone
  10. A.V. Club
  11. Reddit for Flipboard
  12. iPad Insight
  13. Social Media Examiner


Thus, Flipboard appeals to all interests. So, download this free app, just tap a tile, and start flipping. You’ll see why Flipboard was named Apple’s App of the Year and one of our favorite apps!