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Answers to Key Questions about Surface Pro 3

Answers to Key Questions about Surface Pro 3

You have been monitoring all the buzz about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet and are convinced it is the right device to replace your existing laptop inventory. But your reservation is that your fellow employee will not accept the Surface Pro 3 as an acceptable replacement to their laptop or desktop device.

So you decide to rent a few of the Pro 3 tablets to try and build acceptance through the masses.

Below are nine key questions about getting started with the Surface Pro 3 and its capabilities that should help you sell a pilot program.

9 Questions about Surface Pro 3 Tablet

How can I access applications on the Surface Pro 3?

You can access applications by touching the screen, typing on the keyboard or using your mouse. In addition, once you access the application or document, you can mark it up with a Surface Pen.

How do I attach my accessories and printers to the tablet?

You can attach your accessories in one of the following ways:

  • Via cable to the USB 3.0 port
  • Through your wireless network or
  • Through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology

Since the Surface Pro 3 supports the Windows 8 operation system, most anything that works on your laptop will work on this device including keyboards, mice and headsets.

How do I listen to music and podcasts at my desk?

There is a headset jack on the left side of the tablet that allows you attach your headset to it.

How do I save on battery life?

The one thing the previous Surface products had been criticized for is their short battery life. The new Pro 3 addresses that problem, however if you want to go beyond 10 hours of time without plugging in, there are ways to extend your battery life.
The biggest drain on the battery is the screen. Go to Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings. There you should be able to turn down the brightness and change the screen time-out option.
Another big drain is notifications. Do the following: Settings > Change PC Settings > Search > Apps > Notifications and turn them off. You can also go into each app individually and turn them off as well.

How do I access extra storage?

All Surface Pro 3 tablets come with a micro SD card reader that allows you to insert an SD card for extra storage. This is especially useful for very large files you don’t want transferred over the web.

How do I automatically backup to the cloud?

Microsoft offers a cloud platform called OneDrive and you can set this up by following these steps: Settings > Change PC Settings > OneDrive. Once you are there, turn on the “Save documents to OneDrive” setting. You can also save photos or videos here.

However, if you wish to have a private, dedicated service, you should look into a cloud computing rental option which can also be automatically configured to back up your system.

How do I record videos and take pictures?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has two 5-mexapixal cameras for recording videos and taking pictures. The noise cancelling microphones make it easy to record video with sound.

How do I stream to a big screen?

You can stream videos or show PowerPoint presentations to large screen monitor rental in two ways:

  • Plug in the cable from the mini HDMI port on the Surface Pro 3 into the HDMI port on the monitor or
  • If you want to use a wireless connection, please do the following: Tap on Devices > Project > Add wireless display and then choose from any of the compatible devices listed.

How do I take a screenshot?

Taking a screenshot can be accomplished in two ways:

  • Hold down the Windows and Volume Down button simultaneously until you see the screen blink or
  • If the keyboard is attached, hold down the Fn, Win and Space bar together.

All screenshots are loaded in the Pictures folder.

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