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All-Inclusive Checklist for Hosting a Roundtable

All-Inclusive Checklist for Hosting a Roundtable

If your organization has a need to gather thought leaders together for a spirited discussion about current issues and trends, a roundtable format is one of your best options.

Here is a step-by-step guide for putting a business roundtable together so everyone can get the most out of the session.

Roundtable Checklist

  • Define the Purpose.
    Since more roundtables are only ninety minutes in length, what company, association and industry problems are you hoping to solve? Without clear focus, moderators and participants alike, are left to wonder why they were called to the meeting in the first place.
  • Prioritize Questions and Set Time Limits.
    If the roundtable lasts two hours and your organization would like input on five issues, ideally you will spend twenty-four minutes on each item. However, we all know dialog among each table can take unexpected turns. Therefore, ranking questions is vital to gain the most important feedback on the most important problem or opportunity.
  • Hire Strong Moderators to Keep the Discussion on Schedule.
    A moderator’s job is three-fold; ask questions, try to garner opinions from everyone at the table and objectively record responses. They are not meant to be part of the discussion or offer their opinion. Interview candidates and selectively choose your table facilitators.
  • Determine Room Setup.
    Assuming you want rounds, what quantity will you need and how many people will sit at each table? What technology is needed at each setting? Don’t assume attendees will use their own devices. Provide them with iPad or tablet rentals that contain the right apps on each unit.  
  • Send Invitations.
    Select the attendees that need to be there and tell them why their opinion matters. Let them know if they should prepare for the meeting or not, how long the session will last and the expected outcome of the roundtable. Give them at least thirty days’ notice and ask them to RSVP to you.
  • Track Reservations and Send Out Reminders.
    Be sure to track your responses so you have the right number of rounds. Send out reminders seven and two days prior to the event. Assign a table number to each individual so you don’t have multiple people from the same department or company at one table.

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