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Advantages of Video Strategy for Events

Advantages of Video Strategy for Events

Your audience will remember 95% of the information you share at your event if you use a video. If you use text, they are likely to only remember about 10% of the information. If you have only ever used slideshows at your event, it may be time to upgrade to using videos. 

Below we will discuss more benefits to having a video strategy for your future events. 

Advantages of Video Strategy for Events

Better Format to Explain Things

Videos are a great way to explain your point. Your audience will understand your message easier when you give them visual stimuli. They will be more attentive.

Moreover, if you’re talking at your event, you want to have a video screen set up. This will make it easier for your audience to hear/see what is going on (especially if you are in a large room). They will be able to better engage with the speaker(s). 

Videos Are Highly Engaging

We have become a technological society. To captivate people you need some form of stimulus. Just talking will not be enough to engage people anymore.

With videos, your audience will have something they can become immersed in. This is especially true if you give the information in a more story-like fashion

Using storytelling in your videos will encourage an emotional response from your audience. They will care more about your company.

The video will have them feel as if they are part of the experience. It will make what you are trying to convey more relatable. 

Your Video Strategy Will Improve Foot Traffic

When people are engaged, they will want to learn more about you. Using videos will draw more people to your website, social media, and products. This means you will have a higher chance of getting your products sold. 

If people believe and trust in your products they will spread that around to others as well. Having videos helps create more word of mouth. They will be excited to talk about what they have seen and believe in with others.

Your audience will be the pioneers in attracting more customers to your brand. 

Videos Enable You to Livestream Your Events

By doing a livestream, you can have people physically and virtually attend your event. For people who aren’t able to make it to the event they can still engage with what is going on. You are giving yourself a larger marketing audience.

On top of that, using technology allows people to ask questions no matter where they are. So, not only does your physical audience get to ask questions, but so does your virtual audience. 

Videos Will Increase Your ROI

When you know what people want this will increase your return on investment (ROI). You will have people coming back, asking for more.

If you have your videos online, you can track how many people are watching and what they are staying to watch. This gives you a better idea of what your audience is looking for and what they will stay to watch. 

You can focus more on what will keep people coming vs what will drive them away. 

What’s more, you can compare how many people went to previous events with how many more come to future events. It is estimated that 67% of people who watch live streams will attend an event in the future if you live stream it. 

It’s Time to Take Action

Now that we have discussed some of the benefits of having a video strategy, it is time to start creating videos. Use social media or survey what is and isn’t working right now in your field to see what way is best to create videos. You want to make a video that will attract the most people to your event and have them returning in the future. Review our blog if you want to learn more ways you can engage your audience

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