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Advantages of Event WiFi Mobile Hotspots

Advantages of Event WiFi Mobile Hotspots

Do you know that you are not contractually obligated to use the Wi-Fi provided by the venue? When completing a venue checklist, you may find areas where their Wi-Fi is spotty or non-existent. In these cases and others, mobile wifi hotspot rental solutions may be the ticket to support the expectations of attendees and exhibitors alike.

Here are the typical applications for event Wi-Fi, the deliverables you should expect and how Harford Technology Rental can assist you in making the most of WiFi technology.

Wi-Fi Checklist for Events

Uses for WiFi Hotspots

Here are the uses and areas that mobile hotspots may make sense:

  1. Wi-Fi in all venue areas.
    While the broadband may be strong in the main ballroom, breakout rooms and the trade show floor, it may be weak or non-existent in other areas. Download a speed testing app on your smartphone and use it in all the areas your attendees will be. Make note of those areas that do not make the grade.
  2. Video streaming.
    If you are planning to live stream sessions or you think attendees will use apps like Facebook Live, this can be very taxing on the venue’s internet. In fact, it can bring it to a crawl.
  3. Badge or ticket scanning.
    Whether you are running a convention or an outdoor festival, your staff needs a way to scan attendees into the system. Keeping this peak traffic off the main internet infrastructure will allow for faster scanning transactions and provide better service to the rest of the attendees.
  4. Specialized rooms or areas.
    If your event warrants a press, VIP and/or staff area, these are great places for dedicated WiFi.
  5. Outdoor events.
    Festivals, sporting events and conventions that have an outside component to them, need reliable Wi-Fi to meet the needs of their attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Most of the time, outdoor spaces do not have internet in place.  

Essential Questions for Wi-Fi Supplier

Before signing on the dotted line, ask the following questions of the potential supplier:

  • Will you be involved in the pre-planning, network design and onsite support?
  • Will there be a single point of contact during the event if the Wi-Fi fails?
  • Are you set up for customer pre-approval for any changes outside of the contract?
  • Can you provide WiFi inside and out?
  • Will there be one, detailed invoice for this and all event rentals?

A positive response to these questions will get you one step closer to signing with the best vendor.

Ready to Discuss Your Event Wi-Fi Hotspot Needs?

After a careful evaluation of your event space and assessment of your WiFi needs, Hartford Technology Rental can make strategic recommendations about the equipment you need. Contact us today at 888.520.5667 for a free consultation that includes our internet products and services!