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Add iPad Kiosks to Kick Start Your Event

Add iPad Kiosks to Kick Start Your Event

Are your conference attendees continuously standing in long lines? At every turn, there seems to be a line for:

  • Obtaining ground transportation
  • Checking in and out of the hotel
  • Registering for the conference
  • Seeing a particular exhibitor and even
  • Paying for an auction item

What if I told you some of these lines could be eliminated…all the while enhancing the attendee experience? They can with iPad kiosk rental units! Find out why iPad kiosks offer practical, time saving uses and why you need to have it for your next event or conference.

Reasons to Add iPad Kiosks to Kick Start your Event


  • Go Green with Multi-Purpose Mobile Devices
    Think about the printing, shipping and storage costs associated with signage to get in and around the conference, trade show floor and networking events. Not to mention, the paper associated with walk-in registrations and surveys.

    Doing everything via modern and sleek mobile devices like iPad rentals will allow you to eliminate all those posters and paper. This same device can allow users access the web, their email account and remind them to fill out the online survey about the conference.

  • Real-time Updates on Event Happenings
    Let’s face it – even the best laid plans have various bumps in the road – speakers cancel, room numbers change and times are extended or contracted. Even though you can send texts, tweets and emails, not everyone will get them. The use of floor standing and table-top kiosks, where attendees know they can obtain updates on a 24/7 basis, can help your conference run even smoother.

Trade Show Exhibit Halls

  • Map out the Exhibitors You Want to See
    Rather than print large maps on a poster or print diagrams on paper, rent an iPad to allow attendees to search for and zoom in on the exhibitors they want to see.

  • Display Products and Allow Orders to be Placed Online
    Once an attendee is at a given booth, there may be quite a wait time before a rep can get to them. Rather than turning potential clients away, why not give them an opportunity to learn more about your products through photos, presentations and videos? A kiosk is the perfect place to showcase and allow interested attendees order your products.

  • Set Up Appointments
    With a two to three day conference, attendees can have multiple opportunities to come back to your booth. Set up a scheduling app and let them pick a time to return when you are not so busy. Be sure to capture their phone number so you can send a text message a few hours before to confirm the appointment.

Registration Areas

  • Self-Service Saves Money
    Having iPads kiosks positioned throughout the registration area will cut down on the attendee’s wait time (especially if they are pre-registered) and cut out the expense of registration staff. You and your staff are now free to interact with attendees without being burdened of all that time consuming paperwork.

  • Run Sponsor Advertisements
    Just like you see on many websites, your sponsors can run a 5 or 10 second video ad before each person signs in.

  • Repurpose Space as Feedback Stations
    After all your peeps are registered; leave your iPads up and running to allow attendees to give your organic, unsolicited feedback about the speakers, food, trade show and event. Either run an online tool like SurveyMonkey or just allow them to send you an email from the station.


  • Point of Sale for Silent Auction Items
    Many associations have silent auctions as part of their conference to raise funding for their foundation. Using an application and device like Square, you will be able to process credit card transactions quickly. The kiosk unit provides stabilization to the unit and because it is enclosed in a casing, no user can walk off with the unit.

  • Music and Announcement Station
    When equipped with a sound system rental and music from iTunes, this unit can act as background music for a social networking event and even allow attendees to come up and choose the genre of music to play. In addition, when announcements need to made, they can easily be delivered through the two wired mics that come with this unit.

  • Photo Station
    With a free standing kiosk, you can have a background full of sponsor logos while attendees pose in front of the iPad. Post these photos on the event’s social channels and be sure to use the event hashtag.

iPad Kiosk Rental Available from Hartford Technology Rental

Because the iPad Kiosk offers many practical uses from real-time updates to sponsorship opportunities, it is an ideal solution that can improve the experience at your event or conference.

Give Hartford Technology Rental a call at 888.520.5667 to learn more about all our computer accessories for your event or office environment.