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A Road Map to Prepare for 4 Different Meeting Types

A Road Map to Prepare for 4 Different Meeting Types

Meetings and events come in all different types, sizes and shapes. They each have their own objectives, length, participants and technology needs.

If you are the resident meeting planner in your organization, it is important that you understand the type of meeting planned by management so you can prepare accordingly for it.

Below is your road map to success and how we can help you get there.

Four Different Meeting Types

Decision Making Meeting

A decision must be made by the end of the meeting. However, the length of the meeting will be determined by how many of the following steps your organization or team needs to go through before arriving at a consensus. They may or may not have to do the following before taking a vote:


  • Information sharing
  • Brainstorming
  • Evaluating options and
  • Voting on the final option.

Tools Required: In order to be effective, the meeting will require use of the following equipment for each element.

  • Information sharing: LCD projector, computer rental and large monitor or screen
  • Brainstorming: Tablet rentals with a brainstorming app on each unit
  • Evaluation/Collaboration: If you are bringing in remote users, you will need a collaborative tool like a Microsoft Surface Hub to allow them to connect with other attendees.
  • Voting: If you want a confidential option, look for polling options that reside on mobile devices.

The key to an effective meeting is having the people who have the authority to make a decision in the room and giving everyone access to the data to make an intelligent decision.

Educational Meeting

This type of meeting is when one or more expert shares their knowledge with attendees. It is typically a:

  • Seminar or Workshop
  • Panel Discussion
  • Training
  • Breakout Session
  • General Session

Tools Required: This session usually requires PowerPoint equipment, a good sound system and an interactive program for attendees which may include polling, partnering and social media sharing with each other and the world. In addition, if you want to store the materials for backup purposes during the conference, consider a cloud rental option.

The easiest way to know if attendees understood the message is to poll them while they are still in the meeting and the content is fresh in their mind.

Status Update Meeting

This type of meeting is usually the same time/day every week or month and reviews the project time line of a product launch, change initiative or major event. It should be short, to the point and have only the individuals affected by the timeline at the meeting.

Tools Required: You will need a real-time collaborative tool (such as Office 365 or Google Drive) where participants can see changes to the timeline as they happen on a large screen monitor. If you are bringing in remote users, you will either need a large monitor for videoconferencing or a conference phone.

Team Building Event

Team building is used when employees need to learn to work together effectively as a team, by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation. Most of the time, these sessions are one-half or a full day.

Tools Required: Often, the tools used are dictated by the facilitator – but many team builders need to rent a laptop or iPad to help with team building activities.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help You with All Your Meeting Needs

No matter what type of meeting your organization is holding, we can handle your technology needs. We will help you customize, program and support the technology you rent 24/7. Connect with us today at 888.520.5667 to learn more!