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9 Points to Deliver a Knockout Trade Booth Experience

9 Points to Deliver a Knockout Trade Booth Experience

You have committed to exhibiting at several shows in the next 18-24 months even though the latest booth experience was relatively lackluster. As you ponder the cost of exhibiting, along with time and travel costs, you have concluded there must be a better way of delivering a memorable booth experience for attendees.

And there is. It all starts with three simple words: Design, Promotion, Implementation. If you do these things right, chances are you will deliver a much better experience for your targeted attendees.

Trade Show Booth Design

  1. Start with your goals.
    Answer these key questions as they help shape an effective booth design:

    1. What message are you trying to convey to show attendees?
    2. Is there something transformational happening within your company (i.e. new leadership, merger)?
    3. Are you launching new products or services?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can put together a focused approach to your design.

  1. Use only logo colors.

According to a marketing study from the Loyola University, logo colors increase brand recognition by 80 percent! So, if your brand consists of 3 colors, use those EXACT colors in your booth (remember white and black are also colors).Here are four easy ways to use these colors:

  1. Tablecloths
  2. Carpeting
  3. Backdrops
  4. iPad kiosk rentals
  1. Use lighting selectively.
    Try backlighting or spotlighting key elements of your message or logo as a different way to bring attention to your booth. Attendees will be drawn to this type of lighting, especially if the overhead lighting is not that great.
  2. Consider renting a video wall.
    A large video wall rental can be seen up to 300 feet away on a trade show floor. This large display can act as one unit or be divided up into several independent monitors with their own messaging. Your wall can be a:

    1. Hub for real-time information about the show, the area or the world
    2. Display for the show’s Twitter feed
    3. High resolution display of your logo
    4. Video loop of your top products and key messages you want to convey
  3. Think simple.
    A cluttered booth is one that attendees are likely to pass by. The reason? There is not one focal point, so attendees are confused about what the booth is all about. Don’t be that exhibitor! Go back to your goals and only bring items that are related to your messaging.

Trade Show Booth Promotion

  1. Create curiosity and excitement.
    Brainstorm different headlines for emails, post for social channels and messaging for postcards that will drive attendees to your booth. Implement test groups to see if your messaging is curious and/or exciting enough to bring them to you. If the answer is no, keep working on your message.
  2. Use all vehicles for promotion.
    Create digital and paper invitations, an events page on your website, regular blogs about the trade show. Promote the blog posts on social media and within your email campaigns. The important thing is to convey what you are doing at the show and why attendees should stop by and see you.

Trade Show Booth Implementation

  1. Don’t hang things high.
    When you hang items high in your booth, you take the focus off the items that are eye level and below. In addition, you must pay the expense of having someone hang the items for you and take them down.
  2. Demonstrate new products.
    Actual demonstrations of something new and/or personalized to each attendee can be a real draw. Bring them in with the innovation and then be sure to sell the product benefits.


You want to create a space where attendees will stop or better yet, flock to your booth. If you provide something of interest to them and give them a reason to talk to you and your staff, you have delivered much of the equation. However, it is also important to be remembered after the show ends. If you follow the tips listed above, you will be!

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