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9 Nifty Ways to Save Your Mobile Device Battery

9 Nifty Ways to Save Your Mobile Device Battery

Whether it is a smartphone or tablet rental, everything is usually wonderful until the battery dies. Even though manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft are extending battery time with every new version of their product, often times it is the heavy application usage, connectivity and push notifications that suck the life out the device; leaving the end user to scramble back to the office or their hotel room for a recharge.

Here are a few relatively simple ways to ensure your battery doesn’t die prematurely. Be sure to share this information with other employees and attendees when planning your next meeting or event.

9 Battery Saver Ideas

Rent Charging Stations

Charging stations that are strategically placed in the building or event venue can keep users connected, no matter what apps are in use. These units can be used on breaks, during trade show time and before/after the conference.

Reduce Screen Brightness and Close Unused Apps

Bright screens and unused apps drain batteries quickly, so be sure to turn down the brightness and close out any apps not in use.

Remember All Apps Are Not Created Equal

Video and gamification apps draw about 4 times the battery power when compared to a simple email program. Depending on the speed of the Internet, the number of users and the type of apps, the battery can be quickly drained, not at all or somewhere in between.

Turn Off Notifications

Many social channels have push notifications that will alert you when new activity has happened within your circle of friends, someone connected with you or the app realizes you are at a certain venue (such as a restaurant or hotel). These notifications take up battery life and can be easily turned off all together.

Disconnect from the Net

If you are using native apps with notetaking capabilities and do not require a connection to the Internet for a specified period of time, disconnect and be sure to turn the cell data plan off as well. When you are ready to reconnect, it is just a flip of a button, but in the meantime, you have saved significant battery usage.

Don’t Turn It Off

It may seem counterintuitive, but you will actually save the battery if you enter sleep mode rather than shutting the device completely off. It actually requires a lot more juice to shut down and restart any device, rather than just putting it to sleep.

Don’t Let It Go to Zero

Optimally, recharging should occur when the battery gets to the 20 percent level. Much below that is not necessarily good for the battery.

Not Too Cold or Too Hot

Leaving the mobile device in a place (such as your car), that might be subject to extreme heat or cold can wear the battery down much faster than normal.

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