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9 Known Ways to Put Power behind Your Meeting’s PowerPoint Presentations

9 Known Ways to Put Power behind Your Meeting’s PowerPoint Presentations

I can still remember one of the best presentations I ever saw… and it is over 20 years ago.

Dave Barry, comedian and columnist for the Miami Herald, was the speaker at an IBM conference and what a magnificent speaker he was! He used PowerPoint in the most interesting way; he had several one word slides! That word would trigger an emotional story that had everyone rolling in their seats. One word!

Dave understood the value of PowerPoint – to use it as an aid, not a crutch.

9 Ways to Improve Your Event’s PowerPoint Presentations

Prep your speakers well so they can have the maximum impact on your audience members. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Research shows that attendees’ retain about 10% of a speaker’s presentation – so put the most important information on the first and the last slide.
  2. Less is more.
    Set a standard of 10 slides per presentation. If the speaker is uncomfortable with that, then settle on a 2:1 ratio. For every two minutes of presentation time, the speaker can have one slide.
  3. Only allow your presenter to address one topic.
    Attendees will get confused if the speaker tries to address two or three topics. Insist on one topic that is aligned with your content strategy.
  4. Be visual – use pictures and video to tell the story.
  5. When using text, rely on bullet points, but keep text to a minimum.
  6. Font size should by 30 point or greater depending on the size of your screen and size of the room.
    Go to the back of the room and on the farthest right and left to determine if you can clearly see the writing clearly.
  7. At the bottom of each slide should be the date of the conference, speaker’s Twitter handle and the conference hashtag so individuals can find the presentation and follow the presenter.
    An example would be: June 12, 2014 @DedeMulligan #Rotary2014
  8. In an effort to be green, have the presenter’s upload their PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare or Prezi.
    When attendees arrive at your conference and receive their iPad rentals, they can follow along with the speaker and take notes within the app.
  9. Make certain you obtain all presentations 7-10 days in advance of your meeting.
    Here are the reasons why:

    • A) You can review the PowerPoint presentation to ensure it meets your standards. If it does not, at least you have time to ask for edits from the speaker.
    • B) You can load all the presentations onto the computer rental in the order of presentations, thus saving time the day of the event.
    • C) On the day of the presentations, you can test the projector rental, along with the sound system rental. Make certain your presenter arrives at least 90 minutes early to test their microphone and run through all the slides.

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