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8 Technologies to Supercharge Political Campaigns

8 Technologies to Supercharge Political Campaigns

The mid-term federal campaigns are in full swing, now that the primaries are over. Between today and November 6th, political contenders, their staff and host of volunteers are using technology to leverage and scale their messages.

Before getting into the actual uses of technology, consider these three things:

  1. It must be an all or nothing implementation.
    This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you automate or scale one or two processes, it will save money and time.
  2. What was good two years ago, will work today.
    In an ever-evolving tech world, aim for state-of-the-art integration that may include cloud migration, AI and Big Data. You should also be using faster technology especially if you rent a laptop or tablet. 
  3. TV ads and direct mail campaigns still consume 60% of a campaign’s budget.

Eight Political Campaign Trends Using Technology

  1. Ask for small donations online.
    Every candidate has a donate button on their website of which individuals can give as little as $5 to the candidate. This was a real boost to the Obama and Sanders campaigns as they ran for president. Through this manner they were able to gather targeted information including where the person lives and what they did for a living.
  2. Become proficient in Social Media.
    • Facebook
      Even with its major missteps regarding Cambridge Analytica and lax privacy standards, candidates will still use this channel to do the following:

      • Drive users to their donation page
      • Ask for volunteers
      • Remind people to vote
      • Publish events
      • Utilize Facebook Live
      • Use dark post advertising. This allows you to target specific audiences without overwhelming their news feed. No user will see any other ad except the one meant for them.
    • Twitter
      Can be used to:

      • Gather opinion polls about the issues
      • Contact the media
    • YouTube
      Used for micro-moment opportunities. 60% of voters between the ages of 18-49 searched YouTube to learn more about a candidate. These videos can continuously loop on monitor rentals at events.
  3. Use geotargeting.
    Mobile devices with this app can identify when supporters are near. This is useful just before a rally or press conference. Share with them where it is and when it will start. It can also use bots to continuously send out messages related to certain issues the candidate is passionate about when that target individual is near them.
  4. Capitalize on micro-moments.
    Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Google and YouTube encourage candidates to deliver their messages through moments that last a few seconds and are often viewed through sound off video clips.
  5. Host focus groups.
    Using collaborative tools, you can conduct focus groups with live and virtual attendees. Using the Microsoft Surface Hub, Office 2016 and videoconferencing tools like Skype and Zoom, you can easily bring remote individuals into your meeting.
  6. Utilize Amazon MTurk.
    This automated workforce solution allows you to:

    1. Verify and de-duplicate your mailing list
    2. Complete data entry and collection
    3. Categorize voters
    4. Get feedback from constituents

Available 24/7, this low-cost, agile solution works well for political campaigns on a low-cost budget.

  1. Pay attention to data privacy.
    GDPR and Facebook’s violations have been a real wake up call to ensure every organization is protecting the privacy of others. Update your data privacy policy and have everyone sign it before they are added to your distribution list.
  2. Watch out for Emotion Analytics (EA).
    EA is a fast evolving sphere, with RealEyes and IBM Watson, among its key players. New data and tracking methods enable you to understand campaign dynamics on an emotional level, and in much greater depth than ever before.

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