8 Sweet Tips for a Successful Outdoor Event

Summer is here and if you are like me, you want to spend most of your time outside — especially after the winter we experienced in the Midwest and East Coast.

But is it possible to hold your next meeting or event outside?

With the proper planning and the willingness of your meeting participants to congregate outdoors, you can bring new energy to a meeting that might be flat if it is held in the same boring, indoor space.

However, you still need to plan properly. Meetings & Conventions recently ran an article about the 20 ways to prepare for an outdoor event. Today, I will highlight 8 of those tips along with recommendations for renting audio visual equipment that can make the experience extra special.

8 Sweet Tips for Events Outside

    1. Provide Shade.

Even if you have a perfect day with a mild breeze, you want to make certain the location has some shade to offer attendees. Whether it is strategically positioned umbrellas, trees or a tent, give attendees a chance to sit in the shade for part or all of the event time.

    1.  Offer Comfortable, Colorful Seating with Second Screens.

Instead of wobbly folding chairs and plastic tables – why not offer puffy living room chairs, couches and coffee tables? Putting attendees in small groups with Second Screens through iPad rentals, makes it possible for meeting participants to dispersed all over the outdoor space.

    1.  Experiment with Lighting.

If you are holding an evening event, look at LED, string or pinpoint lighting to bring your event to life and create a more ambient environment.

    1.  Choose the right LCD Projector Rental.

Projectors now have a wide range of lumens and screen resolutions. Some can work well in bright, natural lighting while others work best in an indoor, darker setting. Work with an experienced AV provider to choose the right equipment in the right situation.

    1. Remember Wi-Fi.

Wireless Internet rental solutions can work well – even in an outdoor environment. Work with your AV and computer provider to determine if the venue has enough bandwidth. If they do not, this rental solution can work well outside.

    1. Keep the Bugs Under Wraps.

One thing to be aware of, especially in an evening event, is the possibility of mosquitos and other pesky insects to ruin your time. Spray 12, 8 and 4 hours before and if need be, provide individual bug repellent for attendees.

    1. Keep Your Food and Beverages Cold.

The last thing you want is for your cold beverages to be lukewarm and your appetizers to wilt and spoil under the heat. Keep your beverages under ice and your cold food by bringing it out under specified time periods and by offering butler-style serving. This way you eliminate desserts melting or food poisoning due to cheeses and other items cooking in the sun.

    1. Have a Plan B, C and D.

Perhaps you need to move the meeting inside for a few moments when a rain storm passes over or postpone a product launching event by 30 minutes; however what will you do if you have major weather issues?

Have a plan regarding postponing the time slightly, moving it inside or canceling it all together. And whatever the plan, make certain you have a solid way to communicate with all attendees and speakers about the plan.

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