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8 Simple Ways Event Planners can Sharpen Their Social Media Skills

8 Simple Ways Event Planners can Sharpen Their Social Media Skills

Is Social Media a Double-Edged Sword?

The short answer is yes; the long answer is – it doesn’t have to be.

By now, it shouldn’t be any surprise to you that attendees, exhibitors and sponsors are using social media at your conference whether you are involved in the process or not. And while the aspect of monitoring and commenting on a variety of social channels is scary to many planners, it doesn’t have to be. The truth of the matter is, with proper planning and execution, you can use social as a real-time communication tool.

Below are eight simple ways event planners can sharpen their social media skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Before Your Conference

Set-Up a Social Monitoring Team

These individuals ideally have the following skills:

  • Are very knowledgeable about all social channels
  • Know social media best practices and
  • Have a grasp on the fundamentals of public relations and crisis management.

These folks need to be involved in the planning and execution of your conference. Ideally, they will be onsite during the actual event.

Before and During Your Conference

Figure Out Your Response Metric

Whether it is before, during or after your conference, your team needs to determine what your response time will be on questions, concerns or complaints. Most individuals expect some sort of response within an hour of posting.

Whatever your metric is, meet or exceed the response time parameters.

Determine who will Post and Have Admin Rights

In addition to your social team, you may wish to grant admin rights to senior management. Once you start posting, it is important to have a mixture of voices on the channels including your management, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Encourage them to like, share and comment on content. This starts the ball rolling early and builds buzz about your event.

Establish a Content Calendar

Once you have your team together, set up a schedule of who will be posting content. I would encourage you to garner guest blog postings from your speakers and executive team. Gain buy-in that the team will share postings on their own networks to increase virality of the post.

Set Up Your Hashtags and Use Them Often

This is one of the great debates in the social world – the over/under utilization of hashtags. My belief is you need them because they affect SEO and help with search. Use three or less on each post with one hashtag always being your event hashtag.

Once you set the stage for use, others will follow.

Engage Your Audience

Before and during your conference, continue to engage your attendees. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Ask attendees questions about your conference, venue or destination. It could be as simple as “Caption This”, “Who is this person?” or “Why are you coming to the conference?”
  • Share your presenter’s YouTube videos and articles.
  • Ask for feedback about the conference.

Whether attendees are using their own devices or an iPad rental or tablet rental, it is important to continue to ask and monitor your stakeholders’ comments.

After the Conference

Keep Your Hashtag Alive

Continue to post information utilizing this hashtag about your next event, soliciting feedback about improvements and Crowdsource content.

Post Your Event Content Online

Share presenters’ slides and video clips, put your event photos on social and continue to ask questions and keep your channels going.

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