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8 Great Ways to Make Your Event Space Safer

8 Great Ways to Make Your Event Space Safer

Since the start of 2018, there have been over thirty mass shootings in the United States. The latest one occurred in Parkland, Florida a few weeks ago. This tragedy and the Las Vegas one, has made organizers deeply concerned about the safety of their participants — especially at large conventions and trade shows.

Below are eight useful ways planners and venues can implement to keep attendees safe. Hopefully, you can use these ideas at your next symposium or exhibition.

Eight Ideas to Make Event Space Safe

  1. Only use “no firearms allowed” facilities.
    If there is a sign about this policy at each entrance, you already know it. If no signage exists, ask about their policy. Remember, this is not a guarantee a gunman will not come into the facility, it is only a potential deterrent.
  2. Find out how far away the police station is located.
    First responders can take thirty seconds or up to nine minutes to respond to a crisis. Determine ahead of time where your meeting location falls in this spectrum and make sure you are comfortable with the response time.
  3. Install temporary security cameras.
    This may or may not be available to you, depending on the venue. If the site has a limited number or no cameras at all, you can rent a computer in bulk along with security cameras and hire staff to monitor activity during the event.
  4. Implement a facial recognition system.
    Relatively new, this system recognizes and records where attendees are located and reports if an unrecognized person enters your event space. Although this solution is not perfect, it is a way to quickly alert security to check out suspicious individuals.
  5. Use smart badges.
    Giving each attendee a RFID enabled badge is easy when you rent a RFID printer to be used onsite. The badge is programmed to allow participants only into the areas they are cleared. Train staff and volunteers how to identify the different badge types and if they spot a person in the wrong area, give them a procedure to deal with that person.
  6. Put in place more unarmed and armed guards.
    The patrol of these officers can be enough to keep a perp away from your event. These individuals can run x-ray machines and conduct random bag searches. If this is a new policy for your event, be sure to let attendees know the changes before they arrive onsite.
  7. Hire a K-9 Unit.
    You can hire off-duty police officers who bring trained dogs onsite. These trained animals can do many tasks from sniffing out drugs to taking down a gunman.
  8. Employ an active shooter detection system.
    This software uses acoustics and infrared technology to detect gunfire and immediately relays this information to security personnel. With the use of cameras and sensors, it can automatically lock-down areas, send a mass alert to all attendees and notify first responders within a few seconds.

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