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8 Checklist Items for Your Peer Review

8 Checklist Items for Your Peer Review

Many times event planners have very short notice to plan a peer review. This is where a lot of details can be lost and budgets can experience cost overruns.

In order to avoid this problem, I have put together a peer review checklist to ensure your event goes off without a hitch while keeping your costs in check.

Peer Review Service Checklist

How many panelists are there and how much space does each person need?
Is the reviewer going to take all their notes from the computer rental? Do they need space for a notebook or paper? Will they have other devices on the table?

Knowing the total number of people and individual space requirements will help you move to the next step.

Where will the peer review be held?
Due to the nature of subject matter being reviewed, it often times make sense to hold the review at a neutral, low key setting such as a hotel or conference center.

Have you scheduled site visits and invited your key suppliers?
Once you have 2-3 locations selected, schedule a site visit and meet with the general manager, sales associate and banquet captain. Go over the logistics of the day and the room setup. Invite your technology provider and any other suppliers that make sense to come along. They can ask questions you may not have thought of to pursue with your vendor contacts.

Are you going to be connected to remote reviewers?
Often the peer view discussion is not held just with the individuals around the table; it may involve individuals from other time zones and countries. If you will have remote attendees, you will need to discuss whether they will participate via teleconference or video conferencing. If it is the latter, you will need to work with the venue and IT supplier staff to ensure you have enough bandwidth.

Do you need a dedicated WiFi network or is the venue’s WiFi good enough?
Sometimes, due to the sensitivity of the subject matter being reviewed or the need for dedicated, high speed WiFi, a WiFi hotspot rental makes perfect sense. Know the needs of your attendees and if in doubt, go for the dedicated service.

Do your reviewers have a lot of data to review?
If this is the case, you can load most of the data on a server rental which allows for high speed data access and has built-in redundancies to ensure the data is always available.

What computer equipment and audio visual rentals do you need?
As you look to set up your review, you will need to do an equipment assessment. Will reviewers be bringing their own devices? If not, rent a computer in bulk in order to standardize the equipment. The latter option makes the most sense from a simplicity and duplicity standpoint. You won’t have to worry about equipment being incompatible or possibly breaking down.

Have you budgeted for onsite technical support?
Having onsite assistance at your meeting can be critical to its success. Whether it is swapping out a computer rental or troubleshooting device problems, having someone in the room or just a few feet away is added insurance everything will go according to plan.

How Hartford Technology Rental Can Help

If you are planning a peer review and need help determining the best technology rentals, we can help! We have 10+ years’ experience planning and executing peer reviews so give Hartford Technology Rental a call today!