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7 Suffering Ways You May Be Killing the Office WiFi

7 Suffering Ways You May Be Killing the Office WiFi

If you are like me, you probably take the Wifi at work for granted; that is until there is a problem and it starts to slow to a crawl or crashes.

Perhaps the Wi-Fi is okay at your office, but periodically you have to restart it or at times it buffers a lot. You think this is due to strain on the system….or is it?

Here are seven maybe-not-thought-of ways to improve your signal without spending thousands of dollars on a new infrastructure. But first, let’s reflect on how Wi-Fi works.

Wifi Works This Way

Wi-Fi radio waves come from your router and are only available for a limited number of feet. The closer you are to the router, the stronger the signal and conversely, the further away you are the weaker the signal.

Wifi Signal Improvements That are Free or Cost Very Little

  1. Move your router to the center of your office or department.

    This makes complete sense, but sometimes in the haste to install the router, we forget the little things. Moving your router where everyone can obtain the same signal strength is optimal.

  2. Upgrade your router to one that uses 5GHz radio bandwidth.

If your router is over 18 months old and you have to frequently restart it, now may be the time for a replacement. The 5GHz router offers more channels and is twice as fast as older models.

  1. Upgrade the router’s firmware.

  2. Put the router up high.

    Wi-Fi signals move in a downward procession, so it makes sense to put them as high as possible.

  3. Keep it away from electronics and other hazards.

    TVs, microwaves, computers and tablets can interfere with the signal. Keep them as far away as possible. Also, walls, furniture, mirror and metal objects all affect the signal strength.

  4. Download Signal Strength Apps on Your Mobile Device.

    Wifi Analyzer (Free) turns an Android smartphone into a Wi-Fi analyzer by showing the user the Wi-Fi channels around you. It helps find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

    Network Analyzer Lite ($2.99) works on iOS version 8 devices and can provide network analysis, scanning and problem detection.

Wi-Fi Sweetspots (Free) runs on both iOS and Android devices. It observes how Wi-Fi connection speed fluctuates over time, and locates the fastest and slowest Wi-Fi spots in the room. You can find the perfect spot for your wireless router via this application.

  1. Rent newer technology.

    The latest laptops, tablets and smartphones are able to process wifi faster and over longer distances.

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