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7 Tips to Make Your Conference Stand Out

7 Tips to Make Your Conference Stand Out

Without a doubt, meeting and event planners have stiff competition when it comes to getting attendees to their events. From the travel budget to the increasing workload of employees to the desire to attend other events, meeting participants need to be sold on the value of a conference.

If you are in such a quandary, don’t panic. Focus on the seven ways below and you will have attendees begging you for the details about next year’s conference.

Follow this roadmap for success for your next conference:


Spend your time focused on content, developing content and aligning speakers to your content. Attendees are clamoring to learn new things from a new prospective. Figure out what your audience wants and deliver it to them.

Destination for your Conference

Determine where your attendees are coming from and a location that makes sense. Think about transportation time and costs. Think about parking and accessibility. Think about desire to be there.

For example, everyone loves to go to Las Vegas or Orlando, however given the limited airline options from a second-tier city like Cleveland, the flight can be a whole day coming and going. If your conference is 2 days long, that is 4 days out of the office. Chicago or Washington DC are quick flights from Cleveland and can make for easy attendee access.

Make your conference location desirable and accessible with reasonable transportation time and cost!

Local Amenities

Every destination has its own unique food, beverage and cultural attractions and entertainment. Use local suppliers for everything to allow attendees to really experience the area. You will most likely save money while giving attendees something new to talk about.

Conference Registration Fee

I am not a big proponent of free conferences or outrageously priced ones either. Make your registration fee reasonable enough that you can reach your budget objectives but not so costly that attendees are driven to procrastinate coming to it…or not making it at all.


Attendees are interested in two things – being “green” and doing something good for the local community.

You can replace paper with iPad rentals, iPhone rentals or Tablet rentals. Posters can be replaced with digital signage. Water pictures can replace water bottles. At every turn, event organizers can be more environmentally conscious and so can their event suppliers. Hartford Rental has a great green program that encourages recycling and reusability.

In addition, doing something for the local community – whether it is through charitable donations or being actively involved in a local non-profit – is a great way for attendees to give back.


Technology is not only a “green” solution but it can also help engage your attendees on a real-time basis. Choosing gamification apps can help attendees learn in a fun way on their mobile devices. In addition, many other apps can help your group share information quickly on a local and/or virtual level. Video walls can display the event’s Twitter feed, Instagram photos and the conference day highlights.


Providing a way for attendees to voice their concerns, questions and input to you in an easy fashion and then, getting back to them in an expedient way is all in the name of providing excellent service. Many event organizers establish Twitter hashtags or utilizing texting to keep in touch with attendees on a real-time basis.

Your conference support staff, suppliers and you can communicate through the same method via direct messaging on social channels, texting or phone calls.

How Hartford Technology Rental Can Help

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