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7 Savvy Techniques to Attract Sponsors

7 Savvy Techniques to Attract Sponsors

A recent survey by TCG Events found that 75% of corporate executives are seeking a greater Return on Investment (ROI) when sponsoring events than they have in previous years. Tighter sponsorship budgets and greater demand for a finite pool of money are the major reasons for this increase in ROI.

Ron Seaver, President of Seaver Marketing Group stated, “Effective sponsorships are those that are developed with solutions for all three major stakeholders – sponsors, planners and attendees – in mind.” The key to garnering more and better sponsors is flexibility in your approach and listening and responding to your sponsor’s needs. Here are seven creative methods to help in this arena.

7 Savvy Techniques to Attract Better Sponsors

  • Brand the event website page.

    Months before the event happens, you can have a countdown clock for the event that can be highly visible in the top-right corner of the page. At the top or bottom of the clock, it can say “Brought to you by (sponsor’s name and logo).”

  • New sponsor offerings meet social media.

    This is a creative new event offering entirely paid for by the sponsors. If they are showing off a mobile or cloud-based app, sponsors can demo it on large touch screen monitor rentals. If it is a product offering, they can create a learning environment and encourage attendees to try it out.

    In addition, have a separate hashtag for this special event and encourage attendees to post to their social channels about it. Invite guest bloggers and ask them to push their blogs to social using your hashtags.

  • Sponsor charging stations.

    A sponsor, who brands a series of charging stations, has the opportunity to setup an iPad floor stand rental that can showcase their product offerings through a series of videos while attendees are waiting for their mobile devices to charge. Since most attendees are at a charging station for 6-12 minutes, it is a great opportunity for sponsors to get their message out in bite sized chunks.

  • Brand the Wi-Fi splash page.

    If your event has dedicated Wi-Fi and attendees are required to log into it, offer a sponsor the splash page. With hundreds or thousands of attendees over a multi-day event, your sponsor has the opportunity to raise their brand awareness substantially.

  • Sponsor digital signage.

    You have wanted to get rid of the posters pointing individuals to various breakout rooms, lunch or direct them to the trade show floor. Garnering sponsors for digital signage allows you the freedom to change the signs message on real-time basis, avoid costly shipping and disposal costs, and allow your sponsors the ability to prominently display their logo.

  • Speaker sponsors work.

    You want a specific keynote speaker, but your organization does not have the funding to make it happen. Share this opportunity with your target companies and ask them if they will sponsor that individual. In the past, sponsors usually added a slide in their PowerPoint presentation about their offerings just before the speaker went on. Today, sponsors want to showcase a brief video displayed on projector rentals, VIP access to that presenter and other creative opportunities to make their message “stick” with the audience.

    Work with them on those creative ways but one word of caution: Don’t let your sponsors become presenters. If you do allow this to happen, content integrity can be compromised.

  • Remember why sponsorships occur in the first place.

    It is vital to be open to new opportunities, listen to what sponsors want and create the right opportunity for them to meet their goal of effectively reaching the attendee.

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